Repetitive tasks which are tedious, and require manual labour can be automated using Rexx. Just like you use the FIND, CHANGE, SAVE. If you are developing or maintaining the traditional mainframe . To run the tutorials on this blog, you will need access to an IBM mainframe. The REXX Tutorial. Contents. Introductory text; 1. Creating a Rexx program; 2. Doing arithmetic; 3. Errors; 4. Untyped data; 5. More on variables; 6. Functions; 7.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the REXX Programming Language on z/OS

The language Rexx is recommended for beginners, because it has a simple instruction set — just a couple of dozen instructions. Michael can be reached at mike. However, it will help if you have some prior exposure on programming languages, data processing, and generating reports.

Saturday, March 10, Introduction to Rexx.

For example, say ‘Hello World’ would display Hello World on the screen. It is a programming language. REXX provides a way by which you can automate all your routine tasks. In computer programming languages, it is common to indent program source-code to improve readability. If you would like to change your cookie settings at any time please view our privacy tutrial for additional information.

The REXX Tutorial

One of the reasons, why you should learn Rexx, is that it increases the productivity of the average Mainframe Programmer.

To allocate a dataset using TSO, you give the command. The other benefit is make the tasks interesting instead of boring, manual and repetitive.

Shreeja K June 16, at 8: Every letter should have the correct slant. The first service that a typical user uses is TSO Time sharing option. You will find easy to understand tutorials and lessons for REXX here.


Start every sentence instruction on a new line.

Learning the REXX Language

Rexx does not require you to explicitly declare variables. Live Traffic Live Tutorail Stats. It is very useful for those professionals who work on Data Processing, text and also for generating reports. This blog is an effort to make learning REXX easier. We’ll introduce you to the hardware and peripherals.

Mainframe REXX made easy: Introduction to Mainframe REXX

This is the service through which the user logs into the mainframe. Letters like an ‘a’ and ‘o’ should be of similar height.

Look at the fexx screenshot, on how to run REXX We’ll also talk about tutodial different people who work on a mainframe. Once you code a Rexx Program, you don’t have to compile it. This is my first visit to your blog, your post made productive reading, thank you. The examples can get increasingly complex and you see how much time you can save by automating such tasks.

This is the service that provides various options to perform the tasks on mainframe, right from editing new programs, compiling programs, checking the output in spool, allocate datasets, and so on. You may not have had chance to learn it simply because the application was mainly written in COBOL and that was mwinframe primary focus.

It is a free format language. So, by just writing 4 lines of code, tutoriwl achieve your purpose. Likewise, you should possess some fundamental knowledge about the rules in Rexx programs.

Why should I program in Rexx? Posted by Paras Doshi at 6: Learn to indent rexx instructions inside if-conditions, loops etc. There will always be exception to the above classification, but fexx that is the norm. Imagine, how much time it will take if there are hundreds of datasets matching that pattern and if you have to do it daily, it will be simply boring.


But, most of the programs out there are interpreted.

This helps your friends understand your code. Rexx programs you can talk to other software applications that run on the Mainframe. Rexx was developed in the yearby a programmer, Mike Cowlishaw, who is now a visiting professor at the University of Warwick.

Rexx ignores extraneous objectives. It provides a lot of functions to do string manipulations, number functions, Parsing funcitons in addition to the functions provided by ISPF and other services.

Compilers and interpreters usually ignore whitespaces. To learn more about this topic, read these articles: And, most of the training programs, either external or corporate, do not teach REXX as a language in their initial mainframe training. It does this either through a simple program or by using other ISPF facilities like Panels, Skeletons more about them later.

This tutorial is intended to make you comfortable in getting started with Restructured Extended Executor Rexx and its various functions.

Readers based in Indiacan buy the e-book for Rs. To run the tutorials on this blog, you will need access to an IBM mainframe.