Buy Logic 2Rev Ed by Wilfrid Hodges (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. How do you define logic? Logic is about consistency – but not about all types of consistency. For example, if a man supports Aresenal one day and Spurs the. Wilfrid Augustine Hodges, FBA (born 27 May ) is a British mathematician, known for his Hodges was President of the British Logic Colloquium, of the European Association for Logic, Language and Information and of the Division of .

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Mathematical Logic – Hardcover – Ian Chiswell; Wilfrid Hodges – Oxford University Press

Academic Skip to main content. A revised version will appear as an appendix to a forthcoming book on the philosophy of model theory by Tim Hdoges and Sean Walsh.

Briefly, the issue is that Porphyry took logic to be about what we can or can’t imagine to be the case, whereas Ibn Sina switches attention to what we can infer by logical rules. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Wilfrid Hodges Last updated 13 October Interpreting Avicennaof Yahya b.

Michael Nicholl rated it liked it Jan 23, Also at present there is some stuff here that I now think is either badly focused or plain wrong, and as time allows I will clear it out.


Logic Pelican originals Penguin books. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Linda Problem 7. Matthew Barnard rated it it was amazing May 26, I got a lot out of this book, particularly due to the vast number of exercises ranging from implementing phrase structure rules on natural language, to truth tables and predicate tableaux.

Revised draft 6 September Indirect proofs and proofs from assumptions.

Lecture on Ibn Sina’s syllogisticOxford, November Wilfrid Hodges achieved his DPhil at Oxford in for a thesis in model theory mathematical logic. Particularly keen on the slippages and ambiguities between natural language expression and formalisation.

Bibliography and CV A list of my publications is here. Two basic themes in recent cognitive science studies of actual human reasoning are also introduced. Some of the examples and exercises tested my brain.

This was recommended for an introductory course in formal logic.

If a legal system helps the rich but not the poor then it is logif but not illogical. Hodgws talk was an appeal for help in measuring the relative difficulty or ‘naturalness’ of some types of inference rule. This was a draft with personal oogic removed of a paper which appeared in an issue of the Journal of Philosophical Logic in honour of Johan van Benthem. At first sight Ibn Sina defines logical rules in terms of the operation of the intellect, which he places in the rear cerebral ventricles.

This passage contains his reasons for rejecting Porphyry’s notion of an inseparable accident and replacing it by his own notion of a necessary accident. Hodges starts with The first edition of this book has always been my very favorite of the dozens of introductory logic books that I have read.


One difficulty was that new information would be introduced in the sol;unions; so the author would set an exercise, which relied on material that he didn’t explain except in the solution to the exercise.

The geometry logoc musicone of a group of lectures on mathematics and music arranged by Robin Wilson at Gresham College to mark his retirement from the post of Professor of Geometry at Gresham.

Logic: An Introduction to Elementary Logic by Wilfrid Hodges

This includes preliminary translations of Qiyas ii. Adi’s theory of the three modes of existence. But there are historical remarks scattered through the book.

Part 13 Horizons of logic: Here is my accompanying lecture at the YuriFest in Brno where the volume was presented to Yuri. Here is an archived preprint of the published versionwhich includes some nontrivial corrections. The rules are those followed when the inference engine the ‘working mind’ in the intellect operates with ‘correctness’.

Mathematical Logic

Looking for beautiful books? This section is of cardinal importance for Ibn Sina’s understanding of logic as a scientific theory. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over hkdges million reviews.