Inside Apple has ratings and reviews. Anne said: I read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs before I read Inside Apple. Taken together, b. . Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–And Secretive–Company Really Works is a business and economics book on the systems, leadership patterns, strategies, and tactics adopted by Apple Inc.. The book was authored by Adam Lashinsky, who is the Senior Editor-at-Large for. In Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works, Adam Lashinsky, a senior editor at Fortune.

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Everybody at Apple wants out, and everybody outside Apple wants in. Trivia About Inside Apple.

Reading this book only gets me to admire Apple more and more! Far from being empowered, its people operate within a narrow band of responsibility. It’s a debatable point, as these same critics typically will say that Apple’s less-than-perfect products are ibside better than anyone else’s.

I interviewed many, many, many people who worked at Apple app,e some point, their partners and suppliers, and other people who had dealt with them in one way or another. Sep 29, Chetna rated it really liked it. I think the lasinsky, their ways of doing business, their tone, their behavior, everything is in place for the time being, [exactly] the way it was when Steve Jobs died.

It has mastered the art of simplicity for such a big company, but that will not be an easy trick to maintain. And once we figure out that you can be trusted, then you will find out the specifics of your position.

Inside Apple

More by Adam Lashinsky. It was a revolutionary phone; it was the Internet in your pocket; and it was the best iPod we’d ever created. First up the author is really not a good writer at all. Lashinsky quotes many other journalists and authors, including our very own Leander Kahney, and his book will be appreciated by the business sector and Apple cultists alike. Turn your old Apple devices into quick cash. Which is VERY irritating. Apple is so closely identified with Steve Jobs. But few might know that Apple employees were among those who waited anxiously to find out what their own company had planned.


As the author is a senior editor with Fortune Magazine and frequent contributor on Fox News business shows who has written about Apple in the past, I’m sure he had his sources.

Fortune’s Lashinsky Penning an “Inside Apple” Book

Now it would move in unison, fiefdoms would be banished, and employees would focus on whatever it was they did best–and nothing else. There were still laahinsky with lashonsky announcement. Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky.

There are several parts of Inside Apple that have already been highlighted by the press, like the lockdown roomsemployee dummy positions and packaging roombut the book contains many other interesting factoids.

Nov 14, Ha Hoang rated it really liked it Shelves: You ask, do people operate independently of the org chart? I did learn some cool stuff I hadn’t known before like the origination of the ‘i-‘ and how it was actually InfoGear that had the ‘iPhone’ title originally branded, until in typical Steve Jobs fashion it was repurposed for Apple A little heavy on the culture, and not as much on the groundbreaking products introduced in the post-Jobs return but it will take you through Apples environment, retail and marketing strategy.

I’d be curious to know how the author found so many ex-employees to start with. The author had no real interviews or insiders while writing the book, and personally I feel like that hurt lasshinsky book, but also helped it lazhinsky it’s different than all the other books really.

The author notes that this works a lot better than a lot of failed pre-announcements and slipped release dates that have plagued other companies. Jan 08, Sukriti Aggarwal rated it really liked it.

Fortune posts excerpt from Lashinsky’s ‘Inside Apple’ | Fortune

He made incredible accomplishments in four areas: Small teams, like a start-up. Inskde, Apple was not an exciting and funplace for relaxing computer software geeks.

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Apple employees do not move around much or get generalized experience. He would give press interviews, and he would explain what was going on at Apple. Is this a prudent strategy in the IT world?

It revolves around the concept of disclosure. Today in Apple history: A member of the senior management will depart, and then another. It’s really easy now to see why this book has low rating.

I say the book is generalized because Apple operates with considerable secrecy.

It consistently leaves money on the table at a moment when profits are king and quarterly earnings exert a tyrannical sway over its fellow publicly traded companies. Unlike other company in wall of cupertino, this company not only thinks also “Works different”.

Its public image, at least seen through its advertising, is whimsical and fun, yet its internal demeanor is cheerless and nose-to-the-grindstone. The author gives an excellent analysis of what Apple has been and poses thoughtful questions as to what it may be. Want to Read saving…. Ultimately I found the content of the book engaging, because Apple is a company that interests me but I wasn’t blown away. Apple seems to be a place that is heaven for those that want nothing more than to be completely dedicated to their work.

Bob Borchers, who was a senior product marketing executive for the iPhone, described Apple’s approach to educating the public about the new product inwhen the smartphone market was dominated by BlackBerry and Palm. An edited transcript of the interview follows. Apple is so secretive internally, they keep aplle from each other. What do you think insire the pros and cons for Apple? This is a bit of a smaller gripe, but it’s evidence that the book is filled with a lot of fluff and nonsense.