English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘lactógeno placentario humano’. A los 56 días las vellosidades coriales han proliferado en forma abundante alrededor del saco embrionario, observándose todas las etapas. Diabetes Gestacional Lactogeno Placentario Habits Food find a Doctor; Interpreter Services; Diabetes & Endocrinology Many cats are both hyperthyroid and.

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We have demonstrated an increase in the plasmatic concentration of maternal PRL on stressed rats in their 17 day of pregnancy followed by a significant decrease towards the end of gestation Sofiez et al, After washing, placcentario were treated. Moll, and Cellular Endocrinology, 63 1: According to Fukuda et al, NA is liberated under psychological stimulus and since, LMO stress is a very strong physical stimulus, the VMA increase at the beginning of pregnancy placenfario be a consequence of the liberation of A by the sympathetic nervous system.

However, Armario et al. No differences were evidenced neither in immunomarked cellular types nor in the immunomark intensity between the stressed rats placenta respecting those of the control ones. When the stimulus is repeated in a chronic way there is a decrease in catecholamines production that might be explained as a consequence of the habituation to the same stimulus Kvetnasnsky et al; Kant et al. Both axis are considered vital regulators of the homeostasis in vertebrates Seyle, ; Ostrandrer et al, Considering our results of the SAM axis response to the chronic stress effects in pregnant rats, we may conclude that a SAM axis profile decay is produced.

Ontogeny of placental lactogen-I and placental lactogen-II. Effects of chronic stress by immobilization on the plasmatic levels of corticosterone in pregnant rats. One of the peripherical stress markers are the levels of catecholamines metabolites, indicators of SAM axis response. Some factors liberated by decidua that have not been identified yet, control the gradual declination of expression of PL II and an increase of PLP-A in the bounding zone of rat plancenta Cambell et al.


Homogenates were centrifuged in the cold at X g for 15 min.

lactógeno placentario humano – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Placental prolactin-like protein A. The rodent possesses two placental structures: Protein concentrations of the cytosol preparations were estimated by method of Bradford. Isolation, purification and characterization of mouse placental lactogen.

Soares, et al,Georgiades et al, PLP-A is a glycoprotein synthesized as two distinct mol wt species 29 and 33 kDa. Antpeptide antibodies reveal structural and functional characteristics of the rat placental lactogen-II.

Term Bank – lact – Spanish English Dictionary

Samples were suspended in sweep buffer Immunocytochemical analysis of PL-II with sections of placental tissue from days 12, 17 and 21 control and stressed A-F. Obtention of placentary homogenates to apply immunoblot technique.

Each band was swept in two dimensions and specific density was corrected according to the back signal in the run lane. Characterization of rat chronic mammotrophin. Williams et al, did not find any variations in the levels of maternal PRL in stressed rats when applying LMO chronic stress and accute stress by means of several stressors.

To carry out the programmed sacrifice, the day after spermatozoid were detected in vaginal fluid was considered as day zero of pregnancy. Origin and differentiation of extraembrionic tissue in the mouse. A statistically significant increase of VMA metabolite values was observed on day 6 of pregnancy in stressed rats respecting their controls, while on day 21 of pregnancy the values of stressed rats are significantly lower than their controls.

Relative concentration of PL-II of the placental homogenates on days 12, 17 and 21 of pregnancy, stressed vs. Characterization of placental prolactin-like protein-A in intracellular and extracellular compartments.

The effects of chronic stress applied to gestating mothers, on the concentrations of PL II in the placentary tissue at 12,17 and 21 days of pregnancy, were lactogebo using the immunoblot technique Fig. Relative concentrations of PL-II and PLP-A protein in the placenta of control and stressed rats, during the second half of gestation were estimated by immunoblotting.


Chronic stress by immobilization IMO was applied to the experimental group females.

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plxcentario Data represent the corrected values of the densities obtained from 4 independent samples at a minimum and they are expressed as arbitrary unities and relativized to the control value. Two prominent regions are formed within the choriallantoic placenta: High concentrations of VMA were found in urine of stressed pregnant rats when analyzing this at the beginning of day 6 of pregnancy.

University of Kansas Medical Center. Response of anterior pituitary hormones to chronic stress. Tissue cuts of urn thick were deparaffinized, hydrated and H 2 0 2 treated to block endogenous peroxidase.

During the days of the pregnancy studied, chronic stress did not induce any changes neither in the localization nor in placental concentrations of PL-II and PLP-A. It is known that the PLP-A biological activity is to bound to “natural killer” lymphocytes, in a specific way, in the mesometrial compartment of the uterus of pregnant rats, “natural killer” lymphocytes participle in the immune response, they increase in the half placnetario pregnancy and then decrease at the end of this Muller Heiner Liu etal.

No significant statistical differences were observed between the mean values of the concentrations of PL-II between the placentary homogenates of stressed rats and control ones without treatment at days 12, 17 and 21 of pregnancy Fig.