Jerry Fodor’s Modularity of Mind is a beginning [It] is the first major monograph in this century to explore some variations on faculty psychology [and] is the best. Where Fodor (, ) draws the line of modularity at the Perceptual plasticity and theoretical neutrality: A reply to Jerry Fodor. John C. Marshall, The Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, – Alvin Liberman, Yale University, President, Haskins Laboratories ” Jerry Fodor’s “Modularity of Mind “is a.

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Philosophy of Science In epistemology, modularity has been invoked to defend the legitimacy of a theory-neutral type of observation, and hence the modulxrity of some degree of consensus among scientists with divergent theoretical commitments Fodor, He admits at once this analogy by itself is inadequate. Wilson – – In Robert Todor. With respect to phenomena of this sort, unlike the McGurk effect, there is no plausible candidate for a single, domain-specific system whose operations draw on multiple sources of sensory information.

A cognitive system is informationally encapsulated to the extent that in the course of processing a given set of inputs it cannot access information stored elsewhere; all it has to go on is the information contained in those inputs plus whatever information might be stored within the system itself, for example, in a proprietary database. Is vision continuous with cognition?

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Dan rated it it was amazing Feb 24, A system is narrow-scope encapsulated if it cannot draw on any information held outside of it in the course of its processing. What he’s saying in Psychosemantics I don’t know either.

The Modularity of Mind

What it does when it does its thing is, it infers from certain acoustic properties of a token to a characterization of certain of the distal causes of the token e. An alternative view of foddor effort affects distance judgments.


Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local modlarity. In contrast to the vertical input systems, each covering a single cognitive domain, the central system is horizontal, sharing cognitive data from more than one input system.

Modularity of mind

Buy the selected items together This item: Retrieved March 23, How do we know this? It also seems plausible, however, that the traditional sense modalities vision, audition, olfaction, etc.

Nicolas rated it really liked it Apr 26, Standard examples from the study of vision include prosopagnosia impaired face recognitionachromatopsia total color blindnessand akinetopsia motion blindness ; examples from the study of language include agrammatism loss of complex syntaxjargon aphasia loss of complex semanticsalexia loss of object wordsand dyslexia impaired reading and writing. The answer is not encouraging, but not wholly negative either.

The complexity of cognition: Read more Read less.

Jerry Fodor, The Modularity of Mind – PhilPapers

Neural reuse and the interactive brainCambridge, MA: A related argument is kf Argument from Animals. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Philosophical Studies But the system does interpret to some degree, as the Muller-Lyer optical illusion shows.

In particular, he argues that such systems are not informationally encapsulated. The McGurk effect, for example, seems consistent with the claim that speech perception is an informationally encapsulated system, albeit a system that is multi-modal in character cf.

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Several groups of critics, including psychologists working within evolutionary frameworks, [9] argue that the massively modular theory of mind does little to explain adaptive psychological traits. What tractability actually requires is something weaker, namely, that not all information is accessed by the mechanism in the course of its operations Samuels, An input system gets its information from the outside world via what he calls a “transducer” and converts it to something accessible to the central processor’s “thought”.


The case for cognitive penetrability of vision. The relative lack of modularity in the central processor provides it greater access to the information from its input systems but even so it may not be able to verify new information about the external world.

Don’t have a Kindle? Although Fodor originally rejected the idea that mental states must have a causal, externally determined aspect, he has in minx years devoted much of his writing and study to the philosophy of language because of this problem of the meaning and reference of mental contents.

Jerry Fodor has repaired that omission and had done it brilliantly. Of the original set of nine features associated modlarity Fodor-modules, then, Carruthers-modules retain at most only five: Selective impairment of reasoning about modullarity exchange in a patient with bilateral limbic system damage. This study synthesizes current information from the various fields of cognitive science in support of a new and exciting theory of mind.

Contents Four Accounts of Mental Structure. No keywords specified fix it. Interesting cognitive science text that illuminates certain cognitive functions. Thus, the hypothesis at issue for theorists like Carruthers might be best understood as the conjunction of two claims: The ierry of spatial reorientation.