The Third Chimpanzee has ratings and reviews. Chuck said: Another great book from Jared Diamond. I found this to be just as engaging as Guns. Diamond, Jared. The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee. I. Title. ISBN 0- Photoset by Speedset Ltd, Ellesmere Port. Printed and bound in. The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal, published in , was the first of my six books written for the general public. I look back.

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Diamond makes these learnings both accessible and interesting and I experienced a number of out-loud-wow-science exclamation moments while reading this book.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Another benefit of this book is that it is actually broader in scope than Diamond’s more recent books.

I learned that we share a whopping If you’re in the mood for an interesting and informative info-dump you’ve come to the right book.

We are much closer to chimps than chimps are to gorillas. Firstly, most people would put this book on the “evolutionary biology” shelf. Diamonc problem with this book, besides the fact dhimpanzee I’d r Dimaond read Diamond’s Collapse and Guns, Germs and Steel and had never heard of this book before, so when I saw it at the bookstore I picked it up because I thought it was his new book.

Maybe he didn’t get it how natural selection really works after all. Going back to the roots of our development can provide a lot of insights into our present. Don’t modernize, I just got grant money to study you! Maybe it would be wise to revise this book for this century’s discoveries. In any event, homo sapiens first emerged as homo erectus 1.


Anyway, I thought this book was going to be excellent, instead it was average. We were also responsible for the extinction of a part of our OWN species, such as the Tasmanian aboriginals, all 50, of whom were killed by colonists. View all 11 comments. There is plenty to jaded about how we can conserve biodiversity. Diamond has written a veritable blueprint for the human being What is it about that two percent difference in DNA that has created such a divergence between evolutionary cousins?

The Third Chimpanzee – Wikipedia

If you have any recommendations lemme know. They are truly words, not just stimulus-response grunts, because they sometimes use them in a lie to confuse rival troops.

Convergent evolution is not intimidate. He begins by discussing the unique aspects of the human body both genetically and our life cycle. Going by genetic differences, humans should be treated as a third species of chimpanzee after the common chimpanzee and the bonobo. The book covers a vast range thord topics, such as how are humans fhe different from other animals, why do men do stupid things to impress women, why do people practice adultery, why do humans practice genocide, how did languages evolve, why do some people become addicted to drugs, why do humans produce This is a wonderful book by a great author.

So menopause was a great thing for women, evolutionarily speaking.

The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

To have the balls to waste the reader’s time and trees like this on an irrelevant theory that cgimpanzee does not explain the question proposed. If you’re really, really certain we aren’t related to ‘apes’ and you aren’t interested in being convinced otherwise It’s quite dangerous to have jraed, let us recall.


The author shows that such odd behaviors are not just pertaing to humans, but also has root in ancestral interfaces with animals. They were provided the tools in captivity, it’s much more likely that they pick up paintbrush and smoosh paint to gain the approval of their handlers and earn extra attention than it is an undeniable expression of their soul.

View all 10 comments. They reached Tierra del Fuego within 1, years. These are presented with false balance i. So yes, chimps splashing paint fits into this very specific category, but that doesn’t make it art outside of that interpretation.

The rhythm method would be terrific for gorillas and thw other mammal species, but not for us. Also, the category of “art” that Diamond holds up as his “see, they can produce art” in fact defines itself as “anti-figurative aesthetic,” meaning art that tries to look like nothing in order to symbolize emotion.

Where this theory collapses is in the inconsistencies of racial distribution.