Buy BIS IS (R) SPECIFICATION FOR DRY-TYPE POWER TRANSFORMERS from SAI Global. Since dry-type power transformers are not made for such high voltages and ratings as oil-immersed transformers, a large portion of IS: * serves no purpose. pdf – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SPECIFICATION FOR DRY-TYPE POWER TRANSFORMERS Transformers Chairman.

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A phase-to-phase pre-stress voltage of 1. Part 1 General jrst revision. In addition to high or low ambient temperature and high altitude, other environment conditions which may affect design and application can exist and are not necessarily covered by this standard.

It may be performed on all kinds of trsnsformers transformers, but is especially applicable to transformers having encapsulated windings. Part 4 Terminal markings, tappings and connections Jirst revision.

Small Primary Substation Transformer. Geafol encapsulated dry-type transformers are required for indoor installations where safety and. Temperature tests are made by utilizing the rises obtained tests, one with no-load loss only, and one with load losses only, short-circuit run.

IS 11171 (1985): Dry-Type Power Transformers

Part 1 General first revision. The repetition rate of calibration pulses should be of the order of twice the frequency of the excitation voltage. Part 4 Terminal markings, tappings and connections first rcvition 12 vectorrela- IS: Guidance may be obtained from Part 3 Insulation level and dielectric tests second revision. If it is, the degree of protection of the enclosure see Details of conditions, under which a licence for the use of the IS1 Certification Mark may be granted to manufacturers or processors, may be obtained from the Indian Standards Institution.


When the test frequency duration of the test shall be: Furthermore, the electrical and mechanical properties of the insulated winding must not be impaired by the application of the hot-spot temperature permitted for the specrfic insulation system.

IS 11171: Dry-Type Power Transformers

Part 1 General Jirsl revision. While interpreting the results, appropriate corrections to the temperature-rise should be made in accordance with Part 3 Insulation levels and dielectric 8 tests Isrlll7l-r98!! The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard.

Tyle to Power Generation and Transmission.

Cast Resin Type Transformer Manufacturer in India Industrial Electrical Corporation

Part 2 Temperature-rise 14 Jirst rctisioh. Part 3 Insulation levels and dielectric tests second revision. NOTE- When a trsnsformer has windings of different insulation system temt peratures class of insulationonly one reference temperature is, the one relating to the winding having the higher inrulation By means of different voltage ratios or an injected voltage, the rated current is made to flow in the transformer under test.


Part 38 Transformers first revision. Part 3 Insulation levels second revision.

IS1 marked products are also continuously checked by IS1 for conformity to that standard as a further safeguard. The full test voltage shall be applied for 60 s between the winding under test and all the remaining windings, core, frame and transformer enclosure, connected to earth. All other transformers shall be identified by four symbols for each cooling method for which a rating is assigned by the manufacturer.

Part 4 Capacitor voltage transformers Jirst revision. This test shall be repeated with another line terminal earthed.

The choice between Lists 1 and 2 should be made by considering the degree of exposure to lightning and switching overvoltages, the type of system neutral earthing and, where applicable, the type of overvoltage protective device.

NOTE – In view of the fact that the transtormers will be operated at two different taps the winding temperature-rise of two transformer may be slightly different. For greater altitudes, see 3. Enclosed or non-enclosed non-encapsulated-winding dry-type transformers are normally designed for installation indoors in dry locations.

Part 3 Protective current transformers jfirst revision.