View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Honestly on Discogs. Honestly I believe in you / Do you trust in me / Patiently I will stand by you / I will stand beside you faithfully / And through the years / I will be a friend / For always . Aprende a tocar el acorde de Honestly (Stryper) en el Cifra Club. Honestly, I believe in you Do you trust in me / Patiently, I will stand by you I will stand beside .

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So obviously when vocalist Michael Sweet released this bio, I pre-ordered it immediately. Maybe you can relate as well. Maybe you’ve lost or simply matured beyond such simple faith and you’re riddled with doubts and questions, though you still at least WANT to believe. Wow, what a page turner – for me at least. Considering his main form of income, as of the writing of this book, is, in fact, performing in the band Stryper it seems somewhat self-defeating to make those statements publicly.

This book was very interesting to me because I am a fa I have been a Stryper fan ever since I was about 12 and discovered their music without having the slightest clue who they were. See the kind of effect harsh judgement can have on the soul of a person. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. I hate to say that as christians we tend to have a holier than thou attitude towards far too much.

Dave would write a chapter and send it to me. Anything that went well in his life is because he rose above the turmoil to make it succeed.

View All Product Type: Sure, it is not the best written work, but it is raw and honest and Michael take a hard look at himself, his life and his career. Jun 12, Doug Pack rated it it was amazing.

There’s something here for everyone, and there’s also some things here and there that may disappoint. As a young kid, I was bullied and had to go to school on a daily basis with that fear.


Honestly by Stryper Song Statistics |

For more about Stryper, visit stryper. Still, I can’t help but think there were a few people that weren’t pleased after reading the book.

People have also had lots of question marks over the years and wanted to know things. Dec 14, Tabitha Styper rated it really liked it. Oh well, maybe I can dig those answers up elsewhere we have the internet now after all.

The book also deals with some weighty strypre, such as the band’s spiritual backsliding, and Michael’s struggle to hold onto his faith in the wake of his wife’s death from cancer.

Honestly by Stryper

I was most interested in learning how this band gained such mainstream popularity in an age where sexism and faux-Satanism was in fashion for so many other metal acts. He indicts himself more often than he claims that others we the issue in many circumstances. And believe strype, I’ve made my share of mistakes. Highly recommend for a Stryper fan or not. Wether you like it or not he choosed to be happy.

Honestly – Stryper – Cifra Club

It is very interesting to hear his side of the story, and the effects that such things had honesrly him personally, and the band. I was just very surprised by honwstly much I relate to him: This book in many ways felt like Dave Mustaine and Dave Elefsons biographies. During the mid to late 80’s, I was knee deep into strypdr hair metal bands, subscribing to Hit Parader, Rip, Creem and other metal magazines.

Best part of all: So what else can we ask for? To let them know their lives are valuable. Hal Leonard Music Publishing. Oftentimes I found myself going through Michael’s emotions with him. All the while I was reading, I was pulling up Stryper and solo project albums on my playlist and living through the music time period a little.

Full Cast & Crew

I still love Stryper and Michael Sweet to this day and am grateful to them for what they have done with their music. Being in a Christian band, I wondered if Michael had fallen in his personal life and sinned like most of the rest of us.


For example, he makes it abundantly clear throughout the book that he would rather not be in Stryper, and on numerous times he makes disparaging statements about his fellow band members. The only problem I had with the book is I wished there was more in depth writings like most rock biographies lack on how they came to write the songs, or record the albums in the studio, but these musicians live their lives so fast at times, how can they remember everything?

I had a lot to say and also felt the need to do it in terms of it being therapeutic and healing for me.

This is one of the few must reads for any music fan, not just a Christian who is a follower of the band stdyper not all the fans of Stryper were Christians because they hit the pop charts and was the first Christian act on MTV. He reminds me of a roommate I once had, a guy who once roused me out of bed at three in the morning because he was annoyed I left my Nintendo out on the floor in front of the TV.

I’m not one who reads a lot.

I shryper been a Stryper fan since finding their first album in the record bin about 3 months after it hit the shelves. I appreciated the truthfulness of it. The Song Details Tab gives you detailed information about this song, Honestly.

It was a gripping read right from the opening pages.