The operative findings revealed a sliding Maydl’s hernia with an ischemic inner ileal pathologyshouldbeinvestigatedandtreatedappropriately. Maydl’s hernia is a very rare type of a hernia and at times presents as a deceptive condition in a strangulated hernia. There is a paucity of. #DatoQx Hernia de Maydl o #Hernia en W – 2 asas de delgado en el saco. Alta probabilidad de estrangulación!!

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The clinical and operative diagnosis of Maydl’s hernia. A Insertion of two sutures through upper and lower edges of hernial defect. If a lump is not palpable, the diagnosis may be confirmed by ultrasound or computed tomography scanning.

Maydl’s hernia

Prosthetic mesh repair is required. World journal of colorectal surgery. A report of 5 cases. Case Reports in Surgery.

Maydl’s hernia: report of a series of seven cases and review of the literature.

Loop of ileum with ischemia at convex margin white arrow and adherent inflamed appendix black arrow. Correct surgical technique when fashioning intestinal stomas is of paramount importance in prevention. The patient presents with symptoms and signs of intestinal obstruction abdominal colic, vomiting, constipation, abdominal distension see Small bowel obstructiontogether with a tender irreducible hernia.

An obstructed inguinal hernia is one in which the bowels are obstructed at the neck of the hernia sac and are not reducible large hernia through narrow opening. Maydl hernias are defined as the presence of two small bowel loops within a single hernial sac, that is, there are two efferent and two afferent loops of bowel, forming a “W” shape.

Sciatic hernias are very rare and occur when a peritoneal sac enters the greater gluteal hernia or lesser sciatic foramina. He underwent an emergency inguinal exploration following a rapid resuscitation with intravenous fluids and analgesia.


They should avoid straining and lifting for about 4 weeks after surgery, and avoid very heavy physical work for about 6—8 weeks.

The protruded bowel was irreducible with dw of obstruction. Abstract Burst obstructed inguinal hernia with ileo-ileal intussusception as hernia content is an extremely rare condition. It may present as an emergency as in strangulating hernia requiring urgent treatment. CT scan of the abdomen or barium study is also helpful. Epigastric hernias are usually irreducible and may be multiple. This case highlights the importance of intraoperative mmaydl of the intra-abdominal bowel loops proximal to the hernia sac of an incarcerated, obstructed, or strangulated hernia.

The sac is excised, but attempts to close the madl run the risk of sciatic nerve damage. The inguinal canal passes through the abdominal wall between the deep internal and superficial external inguinal rings.

See also abdominal hernia. A truss cannot prevent herniation through the femoral ring and has no place in the management of femoral hernia. When the tissue pressure equals arterial pressure, arterial flow ceases and tissue necrosis ensues. Therefore, in attempting to reduce the hernia, pressure is applied in the reverse order, that is, initially downwards, backwards and then upwards.

The groin swelling had been present for over a year associated with intermittent pain but had suddenly become bigger. Elroy Patrick Weledji has been involved in drafting the paper or revising it critically for important intellectual content. Because the lumen of the bowel is not occluded, intestinal obstruction does not occur, and there are few symptoms until the ischaemic part perforates. It carries the spermatic cord to the scrotum in the male, or the round ligament of the uterus to the labium majora in the female, together with the ilioinguinal nerve.


Treatment consists of laparotomy, hernai of the distended bowel from the hernial orifice and resection if strangulation has occurred. Surgery is required if the bulge of the hernia causes poor fitting of the stoma appliance and consequent leakage from beneath the appliance.

Internet Scientific Publications

Causes of increased IAP should be corrected. A hernia is an abnormal protrusion of a viscus or part of a viscus through a defect either in the containing wall of that viscus or within the cavity in hernoa the viscus normally is situated. The delay in its diagnosis and management may result in various complications.

The sac is dissected carefully from the cord, opened and the contents returned to the abdominal cavity. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel maudl the keyboard arrow keys.

Patients are frequently fit young males who present with epigastric pain, which may be confused with peptic ulceration or biliary disease. Abstract We present a case of an unsual type of obstructed indirect inguinal hernia with impending strangulation.

How to cite this article: The neck of the sac is situated at the defect. There is a higher preponderance in myadl. Aetiological factors in incisional hernias.

Inguinal hernias are always indirect in infants and children and are due to a patent processus hefnia. Strangulated hernia in Ibadan. Annals of Saudi Medicine. Inguinal hernias are best treated surgically.