Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary Text Courtesy of Used by. See this online ebook: George Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, edition: A Catholic Bible commentary compiled by the late Rev. The Haydock Bible is a larger-print (12 point) format Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible with a comprehensive Catholic commentary, illustrated Catholic Bible.

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He would go on to serve poor Catholic missions in rural England. Haydock took his text from the Challoner-MacMahon revision, but added a substantially extended commentary. This has my hope, too. While there, he continued his literary career with a series of prayer books see Haydokc Published Works belowresponding to an increasing desire by Catholic congregations to increase participation in the Mass.

However, I found that the number and length of the annotations is too great to become co,mentary modern work printable on Print-on-Demand Equipment. Haydock’s older sister Margaret Sister Stanislaus, O.

Bible Commentaries

The following history commfntary editions shows how the Haydock Bible with its changes over the years has made a continuing contribution to Catholic apologetics:. To respond he undertook a two-hour horseback ride which evidently precipitated a heart attack. Haydock’s first assignment was at Ugthorpe, Yorkshire, a poor rural mission. However, modern historian Muchael A. Haydock’s altruistic nature is well-established by his willingness to hayvock assignments to impoverished missions and his compassion for his flock.

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary On The Old Testament by Rev. George Leo Haydock

commenrary We have to preach twice on all the Sabbath Days, which buble denotes all I holidays, during which, the service lasts about five hours; we have to baptize, prepare people for their first communion, with great solicitude, as well as for confirmation and the last sacrament; we have to perform commenrary is requisite for the solemnization of marriage, and the burial of the dead, privately; we also have to church women, though we do not go to their houses for that purpose!


Inat eleven years of age, he was sent to further his education at the English College, DouaiEnglish spelling, Douay or Doway France, established in the 16th century for Catholic exiles, where provision was made for commeentary education. In his note to Exodus All this we perform gratis. And a blessed Lent to you and yours. While these events were unfolding, English Catholics finally won passage of the Catholic Emancipation Act of He and a group of colleagues compiled the New Testament portion of the commentary.

Haydock hayeock wrote lengthier works paraphrasing the Psalms and Canticles of the Roman Office and began a series of Biblical Disquisitions intended as a supplement to his Bible. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You are commenting using your WordPress. Children’s Bible Bible Stories for Kids. Thanks for the heads up. Feb 5, Version 3.

However, Catholics used it effectively in their counteroffensive. By any chance, did you construct the Haydock site? Possibility to notes bookmark for any verse in Bible. Subscribers would accumulate the sets of leaves over the years and ultimately have the completed Bible bound. Also while at Whitby, Haydock continued to serve Ugthorpe as well for most of the period until when a permanent successor was assigned.

This wide-ranging work includes, among other things, a detailed list of the duties expected of a contemporary Catholic priest as follows:. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: On the Feast of St.


Views Read Edit View history. Ironically, just after this victory so long sought after by him and his ancestors, Father Haydock was forced into retirement by his own Catholic superior.

See this online ebook: His edition of the Douay Bible with extended commentary, originally published inbecame the most popular English Catholic Bible of the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic.

Have a blessed Lent. He also delves deeply into speculation about the Bible’s mysteries. However, given the spartan resources available for Catholic publishing in England at the time, the Haydock Bible must be considered a remarkable achievement. The commentary be read online on this page at e-Catholic ; and at StudyLight.

Online ebook: Haydock’s Catholic Bible and Commentary, 1859 edition

There was contemporary criticism that haste in preparation of the commentary resulted in some errors. February 20, at Powered by Light speed Technology. The latter website also has links to non-Catholic commentaries that readers without sufficient theological formation may suitably avoid.

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His publications also include an table entitled The Tree of Lifedepicting a summary of Church history from Adam to the current time. For example, in the note to Genesis 1: His edition of the Douay Bible bibble extended commentary, originally published inbecame the most popular English Catholic Bible of the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic.