Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes is the English translation of Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. Veen Moderne High-End Buizenversterkers H, High-End Buizenversterkers 2. H2.)4 Rudolf Moers Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. amplifiers, and relays by Edwin P. Anderson (1 times); Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen theorie en praktijk met ontwerpmethodieken.

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In my opinion, the preamplifier should reproduce whatever signal it is fed and problems with noise should be handled at the source. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Posted by diyAudioProjects on Monday, July 11, The output power for each monoblock is about 25W. Kijk voor de volledige recensie op Hifi.

Equipment For The Bench Testing. Adam has put together a fantastic looking pair of tower loudspeakers and he has shared his design with us.

A lso included in Chapter 10 are additional details of Rudolf’s parallel push-pull Mft monoblock tube amplifiers among other of his amplifier builds. We are fundwmentele fans of single full-range driver loud speakers so we were excited to check out the Feastrex drivers.

Once by signing up for our RSS Feed through Email you don’t need to sign up again if you are already subscribedand you can earn an second entry on the list by participating in the Giveaway 5 thread on the forum. More DIY speaker kits and cabinets.


DIY Audio Projects – Hi-Fi Blog for DIY Audiophiles: Parallel Push-Pull B Tube Amplifiers

The book also contains many technical questions which the reader can work through, much like the questions that would be found in a science text book. The chapter subsections are quite detailed and will for example get into the formulas and calculations of AC ripple that can be expected in a C-L-C pi-filter and calculating gain of as versterkerrtechniek cathode amplifier. Perhaps the only downside to the great looking ready-made cabinets is that they eliminate too much DIY and they are versterkertfchniek to ship.

Othervacuum tube. They did exhibit some sibilants and edgy sounding behavior on various selections, but were mostly listenable.


They both sound excellent, but different. The measured performance of the Grovewatt is excellent and noted in the project page. The listening performance was subjective and the various ratings are solely those of the tester. Games of the year However, since all preamps elektronenvuizen tested the same the results while not definitive do provide a comparison.

Daarna worden diode, triode, tetrode en penthode behandeld. Late last year Elektor released their most recent publication on the increasingly popular subject of hi-fi tube audio, Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes by Rudolf Moers. See the Knock-Down Birch Cabinets for a full selection. This eliminated a number of possible noise sources that would be considered by my distortion analyzer as distortion. Likewise, the B heater supply goes meet 1.


This is a project that sort of evolved from an interest to see how good a particular versterkerteechniek preamplifier was. The handmade cones are made from Japanese Washi paper a higher density fibrous paper which is impressed in a spiral pattern with embossed ridges. It should be noted that doing a complete test of the distortion levels and subsequent dlektronenbuizen to the RIAA standard is a very time consuming process and was not the focus of this comparison.

You can get on the giveaway list twice. This was evident when a quick check of each preamp was done with a 5 k-ohm load in place of the standard 10k one.

It seems that price and to a certain degree complexity matters. Veel theorie wordt getoetst aan de praktijk en ontwerpmethodieken geven de lezer een kapstok om zelf aan de slag te gaan als ontwerper en bouwer van elektronenbuizenversterkers.

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The speakers had a very nice coherent sound with holographic imaging. The YouTube video below shows just how simple it is to put together the knock-down birch speaker cabinets.

Late last year Elektor released their most recent publication on the increasingly popular subject of hi-fi tube audio, Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Fundamentelw Tubes by Rudolf Moers.