Fresenius Renal Technologies offers a wide range of biocompatible, polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types. Proven. Hollow Fiber Dialyzer. GENERAL INFORMATION. Indications: Hemoflow/Optiflux dialyzers are designed for acute and chronic hemodialysis and are appropriate. The FX-class® dialysers are sterilised by the unique. INLINE steam sterilisation process specifically developed by Fresenius Medical Care. During the INLINE.

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In addition, the treatment of kidney patients in many developing countries is improving. These include dialyzers artificial kidneys and systems for peritoneal dialysis dialysis via the peritoneum.

FX Dialyzers — Blue makes a difference

Of the more than 3 million dialysis patients around the world, aboutchoose peritoneal dialysis treatment. FX high-flux and FX low-flux dialyzers. We asked artists to interpret the benefits of the FX Dialyzers in their own way — be it figurative or abstract, poetic or surreal, two- or three-dimensional — with stunning results.

Continuous innovation combined with our commitment to the highest level of quality standards, ensure that our FX Dialyzers portfolio is built to address the individual needs of patients. Lower costs Lower rinsing volumes mean reduced preparation times and costs. Wendel is Fresenius’ first – and at the same time the most important – factory for dialyzer production. The abstract language of the form invites various interpretations. Fresenius Medical Care uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service.

Most patients carry out both types of treatment themselves, either at home or in the office. In the early s, the research team in St. This enables a homogenous distribution of the incoming blood flow into each fiber in the bundle Homogeneous dialysate flow for better clearances The pinnacle structure at both ends of the polypropylene housing together with the potting technology provides an even, radial flow of the dialysate around the individual fibers of the bundle The undulation of the hollow fibers prevents dialysate channeling and, thus, enhances the performance of the dialyzer.


This reduces the resistance of the molecules when travelling through the pores and therewith allow for enhanced removal. The organs also regulate the acid-base balance in the body, preventing the acidification of the blood. Fresenius Medical Care uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and fressnius the best possible service.

Fresenius Medical Care itself operates more than 3, dialysis centers around the world and bases its dialysis treatment on high quality standards. The lining of the abdominal wall, known as the peritoneum, can also be used as a natural filter for dialysis. By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies. All FX Dialyzers have the capacity to remove a broad range of uremic toxins, effectively retain endotoxins, and provide intrinsic biocompatibility.

By clicking on the button “Accepted and Confirmed” you assure that you have taken note of this information and that you are a healthcare professional.

Dialyzers for hemodialysis – Fresenius Medical Care

Since developing this innovation, Fresenius Medical Care has continuously improved its dialyzers and has expanded its production capacities in St.

By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies. In addition, edemas retained water can form in the legs or lungs. Radial dialyzate flow The pinnacle structure of the polypropylene housing ensures a uniform dialyzate flow around the entire fiber bundle A high packing density of the fiber bundle and a special wavy fiber structure to avoid dialyzate channeling Combined these features enable the constant performance of all FX dialyzers.

Endotoxin adsorption per cm 2 membrane surface area after min in-vitro dialysis with contaminated dialysate 1.

FX dialyzers – Fresenius Medical Care

Wendel, Saarland, facility Fresenius Medical Care develops and manufactures life-saving products for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney failure. The specification sheet above shows the clearances of various molecules for indicated dialyzers under different blood and dialysate flow rate conditions.


FX classix dialyzers Proven Fresenius quality for standard hemodialysis. Warm and sensitive, intellectual and meaningful approaches came to life.

FX CorDiax

As the most prominent visible characteristic, the color blue of the FX Dialyzer caps became the inspiration point for our unique blue art project. With the pouring technique, colors are poured onto the undercoat and distributed over the surface by diaoyzers swinging motion.

The fibre bundle geometry, the membrane nanostructure, the flow port and the housing design all provide advantages in terms of performance, hemodynamics, dialyzate flow, as well as safety and handling. Frexenius dialyzers have to pass the bubble point test as part of the INLINE steam sterilization process Sterile air is pressed into the dialyzate compartment while the blood compartment contains sterile water If any leakages were present in the membrane, air would pass through the membrane and create bubbles Dialyzers failing the integrity test are discarded This integrity ffresenius minimizes the risk of fibre ruptures and the risk of blood leakages.

Improved design and freseinus hemodynamics The lateral blood-inlet port provides a homogenous blood-flow path, avoiding low velocity stagnation zones in the header region The risk of accidental kinking of bloodlines is very low. These then collect in the blood and can damage other organs. The web addresses for three of the larger vendors in the United States are: Benefit of reduced inner fiber diameter Both Graphs are adapted from original publication.

This type of dialysis is known as peritoneal dialysis and was used in doalyzers treatment of aboutpatients at the end of Significantly improved removal of middle molecules while preventing the loss of useful substances, such as serum albumin.