Frederick Forsyth. · Rating details · ratings · 5 reviews. Complete and unabridged. Includes: ― The Day of the Jackal ― The Odessa File ― The Dogs. THE CLASSIC THRILLER FROM #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR FREDERICK FORSYTH “The Day of the Jackal makes such comparable. The Day Of The Jackal [Frederick Forsyth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paperback-Acceptable-Red cover instead of white and same.

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Lebel [blackout]arrives at the flat the Jackal is shooting from.

The Novels: The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Dogs of War

Meyka rated it really liked it May 31, Day of The Jackal, The – February De Gaulle is not interested in changing any of his public appearances because of unsubstantiated, well to his mind, rumors. Even the second time around, I was amazed by the excellent story and the author’s ability to created suspense even when you know the eventual outcome. Smiles4V rated it liked it Apr 18, In general, I found some parts of the book far too detailed for my liking.

While the Bruce Willis version adapted the book to an American setting, the original was slavishly loyal to the book and excellent to boot. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is a leak in the inner circle of those that are assigned to find The Jackal.

Even though you know the end at the beginning, it is the journey that is exciting. I did find myself thinking about it at times which is a good sign but there were jackak couple of times on my way to work when I opted for music which is a bad sign. S and France in the s.


The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth | : Books

Each story is told in such a way as to build the plot and theme. Chris rated it it was amazing May 13, In a way that is good and bad. And each time they provide me with such an intense feeling of thrill and suspense. Wednesday, September 10, Additionally, we follow an equally detailed investigation into the identity and plan of the killer.

It opens with an actual historic event, an attempted assassination on French President Charles de Gaulle. Frederick Forsyth reveals MI6 spying past. It has also acquired a rare sheen of international notoriety since it was published in A must read thriller. The story follows two major storylines. The French secret serviceparticularly its covert operations directorate the ” Action Service “is remarkably effective in infiltrating the terrorist organisation with their own informants, allowing them to seize and interrogate the terrorists’ operations commander, Antoine Argoud.

If one is curious as to how the story could be amped up see the movie version “The Jackal” jac,al Bruce Willis and Sidney Poitier. To that end he bribes the scientist to shred his real report and one realises the scientist’s daughter being handicapped perhaps saved his life – else he might have refused to sell his integrity and been straight murdered and been written off as accident.

Most covers for The Day of the Jackal the have jackzl either jackals or views through sniper scopes. Refresh and try again. Is it worth reading?

These two missing components prevented me from getting warm and toasty with the story even with the undeniable quality of the plot. Firstly, the OAS leaders which eventually combines with that of the Jackal and his precise planning and attempt. Wednesday, July 28, There is little back story for the character but this results in an incredibly mysterious and dangerous character.


The French secret service capture and torture an OAS bodyguard who knows a little about the plot, but not the identity of the assassin.

And so one recent September afternoon in Paris, with the indulgence of my wife, we wandered south of the Jardin Du Luxembourg in search jaackal the very spot where the climactic action was set. This swept through our lives like a simulacrum of the fire of London. All the men were in shirt forssyth, rolled up high and damp with sweat. To his surprise, Thomas is summoned in person by the Prime Minister unnamed, but most probably intended to represent Harold Macmillanwho informs him that word of his inquiries has reached higher circles in the British government.

I picked this book with great expectations and Frederick Forsyth lived up to my expectation. Plot I will not belabour the storyline.

A book for the beach: The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

Aug 08, Karin Slaughter rated it it was amazing. He became one of the youngest pilots in the Royal Air Force at 19, where he served on National Service from to He left the BBC in after controversy arose over his alleged bias towards the Biafran cause and accusations that he falsified segments of his reports. What a book ,Loved it thoroughly.

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