Book Review: Ewa Latoszek, Integracja europejska. Mechanizmy i wyzwania ( European Integration: Mechanisms and Challenges), Książka i Wiedza, Warsaw . Summary/Abstract: Ewa Latoszek: Integracja europejska. Mechanizmy i wyzwania (European Integration. Mechanisms and Challenges) (Katarzyna Żukrowska). Summary/Abstract: Ewa Latoszek, Integracja europejska. Mechanizmy i wyzwania (Katarzyna Żukrowska) Adam Szymański, Między islamem a kemalizmem.

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Institutional implications on the development of the Romanian business environment – lessons for candidate countries. The Polish case It turned out that the most imported and exported goods are machinery, equipment and transport equipment. Commercial policies in the giants. The Case of Indonesia. Examining the Reform Debate. Evidence for Croatian listed firms.

Historical background to the Greek debt crisis. Benefits and Challenges Author or co-author of book chapters, scientific articles and teaching materials in Polish and English. Experiences from China, South Africa and Turkey. Bamboo value chains in Cameroon. So eurropejska, and differs from other countries in the percentage suggests that this position could continue for the next few years.


Presented the volume of imports and exports.

World – Doing Business 2011

Management Practices in Transition Countries. Issues in Trade and Transport Facilitation. Challenges for South Asia during turbulent times.

Impact on bank performance and growth. Economics and Organization 10, no. Wages and Productivity in Manufacturing in Africa: The Case of Puerto Rico.

Towards a more holistic approach. Problemy Rolnictwa Swiatowego 11, no. Rostov-on-Don, Russia, October How can they best share their transition experience with their partner countries?

Croissance, emploi et politiques pour l’emploi au Mali. Technological cooperation between scientific and research institutions and companies as a condition of the growth of innovativeness and competitiveness of polish economy.

Case Study of Serbia and Turkey.

The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, no. 2/

This country is definitely important for Polish. Opportunities and Constraints for EU Business.

Advancing Mutually Beneficial Economic Relations. Does Firm Size Matter?

Budapest, Hungary, June The case of the Republic of Macedonia. A Practical Application to Egypt. Oficyna Wydawnicza Aspra, pp.