Eizo S specifications: 19 inch, x, 86 ppi, S-PVA, DVI input, 12 ms, cd/m², 1. Buy An EIZO FlexScan S 19 Inch Color LCD Monitor at , Need service or repair? No matter the age, brand or manufacturer Ampronix can fix. FP, 2MP, 1MP, G22, MX, FlexScan SM, FlexScan MXS, FlexScan MX FP, 1MP, MS, FlexScan LM. FP, 2MP, MX

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I am just alerting Wee-Ming for the things to consider before his purchase, as I do not have any financial interest in Apple or Dell. I considered keeping the SW just for movies, games and photo work, but in the end I will not. Then, I thought my eyes were tired from using the computer for a long time.

You can compare this eeizo to the photo of the Dell WA image on the right. Anything smaller than that would obviously be too small to make a difference. Fortunately my video card had one and I had been using an adapter. Laptops by Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, I did not find it anywhere in the article. I have asked Eizo support, so far with NO explanation.

Eizo FlexScan S1910-M 19 inch LCD MonitorFlexScan S1910-M 19″ LCD Monitor

It’s cool if you working for the web using the sRGB color space, but not so good if you’re looking for more subtle colours on paper Or am I misinterpreting your comments somehow? At first, I thought it was the smaller pixel size. Perhaps Eizo have improved their manufacturing process? Get the one that will do the work and have the funds for it!


Yes, the Eizo S is great screen for photo work. Yes, if you turn off ClearType, the text is sharp if blockybut why would one use a monitor that is incompatible rizo ClearType? By the way, the Apple Cinema is S. Keep the old G4 and plug the Eizo! Charlie Apr 28, at 4: Cyber Monday deals you can still get: Your name or email address: How could this be?

Review of the Eizo SW 22″ LCD monitor « Hope This Helps

Hi, Can you recommend me a good monitor for prolonged work with text? E1910, have you seen how Vista fonts, such as Calibri, Cambria, Candara, etc.

Well, what I hate on IPS panels is glare on black color. WMJan 31, I wonder if you ever tried the Text Mode one of the six pre-set modes option on the Eizo?

Eizo Flexscan S vs Apple 20″ Cinema ? | Photography Forums

Having spent a great deal of time reading through relevant posts on the prad. I admit this is less of a problem eiso than it used to be. Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: Height, pivot rotationswivel, tilt.

Multiple attempts at this have failed. I did not check wizo Eizo out beyond looking at pictures and really bought the Apple without seeing it, just relying on the reviews, but it is one of the best things I have ever bought. Roger Pelizzari Sep 7, at 3: When a red subpixel is supposed to display a dark shade of red, on a PVA panel, the whole subpixel turns dark-red.


Review of the Eizo S2231W 22″ LCD monitor

Both should be sharp. All at all you are right if say there are more suitable models for text-programing than SW. Its appearance is very sleek, kinda makes my other stuff look a little clunky.

WMJan 30, Archives All posts listed ezo. Screen Manager Pro for Medical. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 27, My unit definitely had a panel that displayed unsharp text.

I looked at the video comparison http: M Feb 17, at 3: Yuri Apr 11, at The same font size does not always look good at higher dpi settings. Have you tried to reproduce some text without smoothing? S11910, I knew that large panels often have bad pixels the SW I bought last year had several stuck subpixels.

Also this single cable for the Apple doesn’t look so good if you were to have a problem?!