The book that will “blow you away”** has a dazzling new look in paperback! Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by. Saba is living a life of isolation with her father, her twin brother Lugh and her sister Emmi. She never once questions what is outside the boundaries of her home. Blood Red Road book summary & chapter summaries of Blood Red Road novel.

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Blood Red Road: Dust Lands, Book 1

The main character, who I initially loved, becomes more and more annoying and nonsensical as the story progresses. But they all fail in my eyes–especially Saba. On the other hand, I dutlands with bood reviewers who think the first part of the novel is stronger than the second. She uses violence throughout, but only to accomplish her missions rather than some kind of demonstration of her worth. This is a long review by the way: So, I decided to write a briefer, clearer review.

Blood Red Road – Wikipedia

It’s possible she could develop from naive girl, depending on her father and brother, to warrior chick, but we don’t see any of that development. The more I read, the more I had these intense feelings of “How is this book so incredible?! Even so, this is a great effort for a first-time author, and readers will be eager to see the next two installments. I dudtlands dust gets into everything and the world has lost most of its color.

Dustlands Trilogy | Moira Young

The world Moira Young creates is really something. But you get used to it very quickly and the words just fly by after that. The pace in the 2nd half is slower but much more personal. Near the end she started to feel more More people live in the outskirts and try blold keep to themselves. I’m beginning to associate a lack of formal education in books being relayed as a Southern accent in an audiobook. First of all, she shouldn’t understand anything around her.


In the plus category, as a longtime Albertan, the fact that you can trace the action from the Kanaskis to the plains to Drumheller without the lovely Canadian author ever mentioning those names is pretty cool. She’s thirsty so she drinks water then splashes her face with water.

All emphasis is placed on moving everything forward, always forward, without stopping to consider if it makes sense or to develop the characters or the settings.

There’s a few books out there that have the same type of prose. McElderry Dustlanes in the US. She also shows the beauty of revolution. Fun first person, which delivers it from one star hell, but when the whole book is derived from the lives of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian from the Trilogy and the canon books, no one can argue that this book isn’t derivitive in the extreme.

View all 33 comments. On the other hand, though, Saba can be quite a piece of work. Though, on that subject, I’d just like to finish with my own opinion of a bad kind of different: Here is where the adventure begins. Jul 10, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: Usually I don’t mind swiss cheese.

To escape, she will have to fight. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a rred. Estimates say that there are about 30 million slaves in the world right now — more than all of the slaves in the 19th century trans-Atlantic slave trade.

My thoughts at that time: What a dustlans read! Three stars because it was a bit better than okay, but I probably won’t continue the series because once my generosity evaporates it’ll only goal downhill in the star department.


Her character, her development. The Free Hawks were a great addition to the story line too as I can always appreciate the badassness of a gang of girl revolutionaries. Based on 2 reviews. This story is not allegorical in the way the Hunger Games is.

A city is set on fire. Here they have the cage games and the bkood, but we have these things too just in different forms. I am sure all my questions will be answered in the sequel s to this book, but I need them NOW.

View all 8 comments. They are miles from neighbors, except one who drinks a little too much moonshine char or whatever it fustlands. Like Lugh was kidnapped and they have to a find him, and b get there before certain date.

Select a particular edition title for more data at that level, such as a front cover image or linked contents. In the beginning it was obvious Saba despised her little sister, but by the end it was love all around. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but man, I’d like to see some originality.

Blood Red Road

Elias This would make for one hell of a movie. Is it any good? It’s a whole new world–a wasteland full of thieves and murderers. Emmi, on the other hand, Saba is willing to just dump off several times in the story. So first off, thank you to my reading buddy, Crystalfor sharing her ARC with me.

Warrior girl stars in action-packed debut for mature teens.