If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. Document replaced. This document has been replaced by an offshore standard ( OS) in the DNV GL portfolio: DNVGL-OS-D All DNV GL service. Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D, October Page 4 – Changes. Amended October see note on front cover. DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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Section 38 of the Activities Regulations.

In order to fulfil the requirements regarding noise in the individual areas as mentioned in the second subsection, the NORSOK S standard Chapter 5.

The various work sites should be designed so that they can be serviced and maintained without the use of temporary equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, etc.

An alternative system for activation as mentioned in the fourth subsection, means a system that is acoustically operated, ROV-operated or remote-controlled in some other way. In order to fulfil the requirement relating to helicopter decks as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK C standard, with exception of Chapter 14 on the minimum size of helicopter decks, may be used as an addition to the requirements in the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority.

DNV OS F 101

d3301 For the design of electrical installations, the IEC series, including corrigendum 1 to IECshould be used. Examples of sections od simpler solutions can be considered than those indicated in the guidelines as mentioned in the third subsection, are Sections 2025 and NEK IEC Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions – Part 12and through.

In addition, reference is made to Section 80 since lifting appliances and lifting gear are also comprised by separate regulation in the Machinery regulations, complete with supplementary standards.

The latest revision of the following document applies. These provisions will be of significance in the planning and design phase, and when modifying plants and facilities. Re Section 25 Lighting. In the event of well interventions as mentioned in the third subsection, including cable, coiled tubing and snubbing activities through the christmas tree, drill pipe or casing that has not been set, the NORSOK D standard should be used. To fulfil the requirement for compensator and disconnection systems as mentioned in the first and second subsections, the NORSOK D standard Chapters 5 and 6 should be used, with the following additions: B Offshore service specifications The latest revision of the following documents applies: For mobile facilities that are not production facilities, and that are registered in a national ships’ register, DNVGL-OS-A Paragraph 2 can be used as an alternative.


Facilities – Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

Re Section 47 Electrical installations Regulations of 4 SeptemberNo. Re Section 44 Means of evacuation. Interactions between the design of machinery and work tasks, edition 1 January. In order to fulfil the requirement relating to instrumentation for meteorological and oceanographic data, the standard NS-EN ISO Part 1 should be used.

Stipulated 20 December Sufficient capacity as mentioned in the second subsection, means the capacity necessary to supply all firefighting equipment in d3011 facility’s largest fire area plus the largest of the adjacent areas.

Re Section 50 Compensator and disconnection systems Section 4 and 17 of the Management Regulationslitera b: The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The requirement as mentioned in the second subsection means that it should be assessed whether to insert casings for drilling in zones which may contain hydrocarbons. For general requirements related to design of plants, systems and equipment for manned underwater operations, see Section If these rules are violated, the approval will cease.

The requirement regarding maintenance of main safety functions as mentioned in literas a and e, applies for the time until the areas outside of the immediate vicinity of the accident site have been evacuated, including the time it takes to carry out the search and rescue efforts in these areas.

As regards water breakthrough in floating facilities, see Sections 39 and With regard to the selection and design of communication equipment as mentioned in the first and second subsections, the NORSOK U standard, Chapter 7. Reference is also made to Section 13 of the Activities Regulations.


NS Guidelines for assessing human reactions to low-frequency horizontal movements 0. The firefighting equipment should also have the capability of cooling down the chamber facility and gas storage area, as well as cover other areas that shall be manned in order to evacuate divers. The connection piece is part of the subsea pipeline. The qualification as mentioned in the second subsection, includes investigation and obtaining objective proof that the needs for a specific intended use are covered, cf.

For mobile facilities that are not production facilities, and that are registered in a national ships’ register, DNV-OS-D Chapter 2, Paragraph 4 can be used as an alternative. During design as mentioned in the first subsection, an analysis should be conducted of the human-machine interface, including necessary task and function analyses.

On a subsea facility where the above definition cannot be applied, the subsea pipeline ends at the connection to the subsea facility.

Displays, edition 1,NS-EN The section also covers processes that emit chemical components. Integrated development concept as mentioned under simpler facilities without accommodation litera c, means facilities with gangway connections. The main safety functions that shall be intact both during and after an accident situation, should be indicated. Last updated 18 December Norm for physical-chemical working environment on mobile facilities built before 1 August and operating on the Norwegian shelf in Norwegian onlyrevision 03, 1 February Guidelines on the application of IEC andPart 7: This entails that an assessment has to be made of existing facilities to determine whether the facility fulfils the requirements of the regulations.

Offshore class rule updates October – DNV GL

Alarms should be defined and designed such that. With regard to equipment that can be used for transport of personnel as mentioned in the first subsection, see also Section 92 of the Activities Regulations. Re Section 67 Waste. Re Section d30 This section has been repealed Re Section 7 Main safety functions 7.