Fatherless America. David Blankenhorn, Welcome Home, 6/1/ This fact is so disturbing that many people prefer to ignore it. Our public debate on the family . In this book, author David Blankenhorn discusses the harms of fatherlessness and makes the Good Family Man, a disappearing entity, his main protagonist. “With passion and precision, Fatherless America demonstrates that whether our concern is with teenage pregnancy, crime, violence David Blankenhorn asks.

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And he does so by quoting the outlandish ideas and philosophies of “leading experts,” people with PhDs who believe that their learning also makes them wise, who advocate for “mix ‘n max parenthood,” androgynous parenting men becoming more like women and vice versaand otherwise ameeica and relegating masculinity and manhood to the bygone ages of barbarism. The Stepfather and The Nearby Guy-Blankenhorn should’ve also added “boyfriend” as that’s the life script so many American women are chosing today but it doesn’t matter, both men fail to fill the shoes of father figure-blood will always be thicker than water.

Moreover, fatherlessness is the engine that drives our most pressing social problems.


The author offers interesting perspective about this phenomenon being deeply rooted in the core ideals of America at its foundation, which itself was a divorce from Great Britain and monarchical rule. In short, the New Father teaches that there is no basic difference between a father and a parent — that there is nothing specifically male about fatherhood as a social role.

The idea of fatherhood has been blnkenhorn, argues Blankenhorn. Fatherless America is not only a review of the past, it is a prophecy of our future if we don’t respond blabkenhorn the most troubling and disastrous demographic trend of the last several generations: I wish I had read it earlier.


Jul 19, Jenny added it. Gender neutrality as a principle appears to override all of other principles and considerations, and society is left holding a really nasty bag of consequences. Account Options Sign in. Congratulations to all the second marriages out there that have managed to make it work but its hard.

Dustin rated it really liked it May 12, I was a teenager in then and saw so much divorce among my friends families. Each time I hear of another couple with children breaking up, I can’t help but feel sorrow for the short-sighted decisions of one or two adults who are all too willing to disrupt their children’s well being for a lifetime because of their own wants and needs.

Craig Froman rated it it was amazing Mar 09, As a cultural ideal, our inherited understandings of fatherhood are under siege.

The Sperm Father-Sperm banks were still a new idea in the 90’s but by the 21st century no one thinks twice about a woman who choses to raise a child alone. For our society is not only losing fathers. Scott Shaw rated it it was ok Jun 15, At other times he appears in the guise of the New Father — an altogether more likeable guy.


Bryce rated it liked it Sep 09, He came, he impregnated, she couldn’t stand him, so he left. Fatherlessness has been a hot-button issue sincewhen Vice President Dan Quayle lambasted TV’s Murphy Brown for “mocking the importance of fathers. It heralds the attributes of masculinity rather than decry them, and asserts that fatherhood is the most powerful construct to harness the natural impulses of men.


No eBook available Amazon. In a very calm tone, the author methodically cites study after study demonstrating statistically worse outcomes for children raised in fatherless homes, particularly those whose mothers are divorced, living with boyfriends, or who have chosen motherhood absent any father at all through artificial insemination, one-night-stands, single-parent adoption, etc.

In fact, even works of fiction have provided insight into this personal interest—books like Gates of Fire and The Illiad. A compelling and controversial exploration of absentee fathers and their impact on the nation.

Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem – David Blankenhorn – Google Books

It clashes harshly with a gender-neutral society. Masculinity, understood as anything other than a rejection of traditional masculinity, is widely viewed with hostility, blamed by experts as the cause of everything from nuclear weapons to the destruction of the rain forests.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Em rated it really liked it Mar 08, Never before in our nation’s history have anerica many children grown up without a father’s presence and provision. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.