Coptic Psalmody (English) 2nd Hose Lopsh Sunday Psali for the Virgin -English -St. Anthony Coptic Monastery, California-. Book of Agpeya in Coptic, English and Arabic (Updated 10/10/) – الأجبية ( قبطي Psalmody of Kiahk Sundays in Coptic, Arabic and English (Updated. The Holy Psalmody of the morning, evening, and midnight praises according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Languages: English, Arabic, Coptic.

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The tune of this hymn is beautiful and can easily be meditated upon.

It then moves further into the Old Testament, reminding the people of the mercies of the Lord, who brought them out of the land of bondage. The placing of the sword in the hand refers to power and strength given to the saints.

The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

Not only does this passage bring to life many vivid and psallmody meditations, but it also shows the richness of our Church in following even the tiniest details of the Bible. Since we have discovered that the psalms are a perfect means to express the feelings of the soul and to offer perfect praise to our Lord, we will try to discover why the church has incorporated these three psalms into the Psalmody following the Commemoration and the Doxology of the Saints.

When we have embraced perfect humility we are then restored back to His image, speaking forth only holy words, thus opening our mouth only to praise Him. Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us! How then should we prepare ourselves for this Holy sacrament so that we may benefit from it?

If a feast is held in his egnlish, all things should be clean. An example of this is seen through the children of Israel when they cried out against Moses psalmidy.

John and gave the Holy Virgin to be his mother. He it is Who in these latter days assumed a body for the salvation of us all, and taught the world concerning the Father. When timbrel and psaltery are taken, the hands harmonize with the voice.


He preferred suffering to ease and comfort, toiling to rest, shame to glory, and the cross to the throne which is carried by the Cherubim. The golden censor was used by Aaron the high-priest Hebrews 9: How can we pray to our Lord if we do not recognize who He is?

Book of the Midnight Praises (Holy Psalmody)

When we pray the Fourth Canticle we are joined with the heavenly snglish stand amongst the ranks coptjc the heavens. The sixth symbol of St. He wrote about the fate of the Christians and he wrote that in the last day, the Psalmody will cease to come from the mouths of Christians.

Even though the ruler of this world is the devil, our Lord Jesus Christ crushed him and destroyed his kingdom by dying on the Cross.

We remind them that it is through the Cross that Jesus descended into Hades Ephesians 4: It is a combination of three psalms; Psalms, and He made the sky and earth, and all things which are in them good, and He made them very good. This also can be seen with the symbol of the lampstand.

Throughout the praises of the Holy Psalmody, our souls have progressed through the spiritual journey. Therefore anyone englush wishes boundlessly to receive and understand from it, so as to mold himself, it is written there.

We are set in dry, barren surroundings, often alienated because of our belief, but we are led by Him. Even the beasts and cattle were affected as with all the creation that did not have minds or souls.

Mary was indeed the Theotokos, this led many to believe that it was his great knowledge in the matter and his great love in keeping the honor of St. Likewise the arrival of St. King David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, did this for a reason.


Now let us compare this to our own lives.

Coptic Heritage | The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

For I believe that the whole of human existence, both the dispositions of the soul and the movements of the thoughts, have been measured out and encompassed in those very words of the Psalter.

In the journey of the Psalmody, we follow the route of this emotion. Elizabeth, in order to help St. This first symbol of St. For coptix there was necessity of repentance or confession, or tribulation and trial befell us, or someone was persecuted, or, being plotted against, he was protected, He did not conquer it by military powers but by the psalmory of the cross.

If we look at this hymn carefully we englisb humbled because the Psalmist has placed the heavens first, then the creation of the earth, including the animals and the things of the earth, and then finally he mentions of the people of the earth.

Book of the Midnight Praises (Holy Psalmody) – St. Thomas the Hermit Coptic Orthodox Church

Not only that, but this verse also shows the importance of women in the Church. The answer to this is very simple; it was through grace that we stood before our Lord. But this answer is very simple. This is likened to the climb of the believers. This then brings us to the next prayer, the prayer of repentance and of humility. Your name, O Mary, is precious ointment, which breathes forth the odor of Divine Grace.

We asked God to deliver us, and He brought us out of land of sin and slavery into the wilderness.