For mission-critical applications where reliability is paramount, or when the cost of printing is a concern, the Compuprint is ready to support core business . Buy direct from the leader in Compuprint! Compuprint is in stock at SINCA – Printers, Parts, Supplies & Repair Services. Call !. The Compuprint dot matrix printer prints up to characters per second on up to 8 part forms. Get a quick quote. Find specifications. Ask experts.

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Page 49 Emulation Options This setup defines the available options according to the selected emulation and is structured as follows: For Commercial information Contact us. Compuprint adopts enhanced and improved electronic and mechanical solutions that move the real print performance to an unbeatable level. Paper Path Selection This function defines the default paper path for the current macro.

Page 35 The printer displays only the messages related to the installed devices. Unlock the sprockets of the Front1 tractor moving the sprocket levers up. Insert the paper on the right sprocket pins, make sure the paper goes under the paper sensor and close the sprocket cover. The paper can be loaded into the printer using different paper paths. Page If the printer is not installed on the cabinet, make sure that there is enough space to stack the printed paper Alternate Parks the paper compuprinh the currently selected paper path.

Page changing the Macro or pressing the key is pressed, the PARK printer performs automatically the parking procedure. Turn the printer off and then on again. For easier understanding some 103000 the following pictures show the printer without the Front 2 tractor installed. Gently push the Controller Board into the printer until it is seated in the connector inside the printer.

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For this function the following values com;uprint be set: The display shows OPER. The Program setup printout indicates: Hold the fanfold paper in front of the sprockets and insert the paper perforation on the left sprocket pins and close the sprocket cover.

Page 40 Function Enables or disables the printer.

Compuprint Dot Matrix Printer

Open the top printer cover. Open the Push tractors cover turning it upwards until it stops. Compuprint combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout. Function Keys If you press the key while powering the printer on, the Power-On Configuration is selected.

Compuprint 10300 Dot Matrix Printer

Page Mean Time between failure: In this way, a proper use of the printer at quality level stated in the product characteristics can be assured. Turn the printer on and wait for printer initialization. Press the the error condition. The Guard bars extend into the human readable line of the barcode symbol when it is enabled. Why Shop at Sinca? If installed, rotate the Front2 compuprrint outside of the printer. Sferal wwt recommends to use only its original Compuprint branded consumables with original packaging identified by its holographic label.


At this point, the Power On Configuration Setup procedure is finished. Printer Compuprint User Manual Compuprint Default value in IBM emulation. There are currently no product reviews Write a review on this product! If you need to know any printer setting, and to check if the printer is working well, print the self- test.


To check the Tear-Off Position proceed as follows: Attach the Controller Board with the two screws using the screwdriver that came in the Controller Board box.

The range of the tear delay is between 1 and 5 seconds. Tear off the fanfold paper and then press the park the paper. Open the top cover using the handles on the front side of the covers. If installed, insert the fanfold paper between the lower and the upper tractor.

Left Side View Power Switch Display Messages The printer display is used to indicate the printer status or to request an user intervention. Compuprint plus combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout.

Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Cmpuprint 2 Sferal wwt recommends to use only its original Compuprint branded consumables with original packaging identified by its holographic label. Lock No Line Sp.

Page 74 Functions This item groups various printer functions, comphprint which you can configure the printer. The printer drivers of all Compuprint printers can be found at the Internet Address http: The default value is 1 sec. This setup defines the use of the LAN interface and is structured according to the interface specific parameters. Cut the packing ribbons and remove the plastic angles.