1/23/Casio fxMS tips and tricks Project Nayuki Casio fxMS tips and tricks Introduction The Casio. Jun 17, mechboy Casio fxMS Tips and Tricks: “Casio fxMS Tips and Tricks The Casio fxMS it is a scientific calculator with many. There are some new trick and tweaks for use on the Casio FXMS 2-Line display scientific calculator. These tricks are just.

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We inherited the sexagesimal base number system from the Babylonians.

Being able to use these features can also be helpful on tests and exams where scientific calculators are allowed but more powerful graphing calculators are not. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I used Porpo before going for Casio and must say that the decision was actually a wise one.

Notify me of new posts by email. Although linear equations are simple to solve in theory, letting the calculator solve it for you can still save you some algebraic manipulation. Find the value of B. The Casio fxMS is an affordable scientific calculator with many powerful features.

machine maniac: mechboy Casio fxMS Tips and Tricks

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This 12 digits scientific calculator is designed with innovative technologies that makes solving and calculating mathematical problems fun, fast and easy.


It takes on a random value for each instance in a formula and for each evaluation of a formula. The official Casio manuals are available in Fx-991mx format here:. Some of these can greatly reduce the effort to solve problems, while others can be abused in interesting and fun ways.

Casio fxMS Scientific Calculator Hands-on Review

The most recent expression evaluated can be re-evaluated simply by pressing the equals key. So you want to be a day trader? Trivks knowing how limited the software could be for word problems and complicated equations, I decided to shop for a decent scientific Engineering calculator.

Note that with the precision available, each number on this calculator can hold up to about The last display test shows It is a steal for this amount considering the robust functions and advanced features of this model.

This is due to the finite hricks and rounding. Try to give a value near an actual casjo, or else solving will be slow or will fail. Pressing 7 is not necessary on some older versions of this calculator. It supports number input in degree-minute-second format, and can convert to and from decimal format. Discovering the punctuation that can be entered is left as an exercise for the reader.


Enter the number of variables, which is also the number of equations 2 or 3. Gamma function real-valued factorialother special functions.

Casio fx-991MS Scientific Calculator Hands-on Review

Casio FXMS 2-Line display scientific tricke is a very efficient scientific calculator with more than functions. Iterating cos Ansthe answer converges to 0. B is twice of A.

You start driving at The first phase is the display test. While it makes some division problems easier for mental arithmetic, generally speaking decimal fx-991me are far easier to work with in practice.

The result of each evaluation is always saved in the answer variable Ans. This can be useful answering multiple-choice questions, e. This article assumes that you know the basics of how to use the calculator. Previous Item bbPress what?