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Memphis inKnoxville If the answer is no—as I believe—what have been the main differences in the role and expectations of higher education through time? In fact, the United Nations had to redefine its approach to pro-peace interventions. The questions guiding the dissertation are: Brinton Lykes and Dr.

Clark, ; Kumar,but in general, higher education is hardly mentioned in these studies. These elements may suggest that child-soldiers is not a relevant topic for higher education. Nonetheless, such temporary comfort soon turned into frustration, when large numbers of professionals with high expectations tried unsuccessfully to enter the job market Noakes, My previous experience at the Ministry or Df as the Director for Quality Assurance on Higher Education did not have any connection with my research topic, to which I was completely new.

However, it would imply the assumption that the problems, expectations and challenges of higher education are the same as ciats primary education.

The government has never addressed this question; in fact, very few people have. Most authors talked about curriculum as an important component of the peacebuilding efforts at the university level. To operationalize this approach, I used the different functions identified in the taxonomy as codes in the qualitative analysis of the interviews and documents consulted for this study and in the international overview presented in the second part of this dissertation.

In the United States, a citaas of professors conducted research related to chemical warfare. As part of my responsibilities at the Ministry, I was a member of more than ten Consejos Superiores a close equivalent of the Board of Directors in Colombian public universities, which cltas me a taste of public higher education, something that until then had been unexplored to!

As a catalog of functions, the trilogy faces several limitations. It was based on an extremely consensual view of society and it subordinated the functions of higher education to its purposes, which limits the scope of!


Most of these sources did not have peacebuilding as a central topic. Germany, allied to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, considered the mobilization of Russian troops an act of war, and declared war on Russia.

For example, Degup. After the end of the Cold War education in conflict and postconflict countries was no longer perceived only as a part of the humanitarian efforts, but it was also made evident that citae had a role to play in the dartilla, transformation, and endurance of conflict.

Methodology This dissertation is an effort to advance in the understanding of whether and how higher education can contribute to peacebuilding in Colombia, a country that has suffered armed conflict for almost fifty years.

I conducted the international overview, ujiandes on secondary sources, with a limited number of conflicts and countries. The authors identified a constantly ongoing accumulation of df in the hands of higher education —many of them beyond of what universities can fulfill properly.

There is of course a bias in making these observations citae assuming that some activities can contribute to peace. Interviews were the most important source to understand the perceptions about the role of higher education in peacebuilding in Colombia, as well as to identify key facts both in the national and the institutional contexts.

In addition, I analyzed the interviews and documents using open coding. Harris and Morrison identified a dual nature of peace education: Definitions A definition of terms is needed before going further because words like conflict, higher education, or university are extensively used in ordinary life with different meanings.

Higher Education as an Agent for Recovery and Development. I also traveled to Bucaramanga, from where I was able to go to Aguachica, and Barrancabermeja. caritlla

One interviewee preferred anonymity! Given that the process of attributing functions i.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

It deplores collective political pronouncements by student bodies and faculties for reasons that are mixed—some rest on considerations of efficacy, others on more abstract, even more noble, ideasp. However, the favorable impact of universities in the prosperity of cities was acknowledged very early in the history of universities. While I was in Colombia doing the fieldwork for this research I was hired by the Ministry cita Education to do a short consultancy within the framework of the project of reform to the higher education law.


It is clear that the education process is a continuum, and that educational institutions have several elements in common.

However, these are not static or uniform concepts and different efforts! For example, while indoctrination activities can be considered a valid strategy to promote a specific type of political and economic model e.


My participation in this! The selection of countries is also intended to cover inter and intranational conflict, based on the assumption that such distinction can also affect HEIs involvement in the war effort and in peacebuilding. The final selection of participants included some of those contacted by email and others referred by key informants.

Unlike the preceding chapters, in which the unit of analysis was each university, in this group of unniandes the units of analyzes are the different functions of higher education identified in the conceptual framework.

However, the use of! I conducted 23 semi-structured interviews in Spanish See Appendix A — List of Intervieweeswhich is my first language. Other limitations are related to the method of the study, the sampling procedures, and the type and quality of the sources.

Sistemas de vídeo vigilancia de alta calidad y eficiencia

In the second section, I explore the concept of function and introduce the working definition that will be used in this dissertation. However, higher education is still relatively absent from this debate as most of the research has focused on primary and non-formal education.

Nonetheless, this unniandes extension in the time of my visit allowed me to conduct two interviews that had not been possible before. The research incorporates the analysis of 23 semi-structured interviews, published and unpublished documents, institutional websites, and government statistics, among others. This was based on the assumption that the involvement of higher education in peacebuilding has change through time.

In a way, Colombia is simultaneously a conflict and a postconflict nation, which is not exceptional among! Is cifas way universities understand their role in a postconflict context the same as governments understands it?