Broadcom’s product portfolio serves multiple applications within seven primary target markets: data center, networking, software, broadband, wireless, storage. Tier one handset manufactures are announcing products this week at the Mobile World Congress that include the BCM with product. This IC Review report provides a technical snapshot of the device including: A device summary table – Photographs of the top and bottom of the package.

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Full or partial block B match detect and interrupt to host? The FM radio is capable of operating from the Initiates a disable sequence for each resource that is enabled, no longer being requested, and has no powered up dependents.

IC Review of the Broadcom BCM n WiFi / Bluetooth / FM Radio

Bluetooth SmartAudio technology improves voice and music quality to headsets? External khz Low Power Oscillator on page TDM based operation Strict protection More information.

The front-end topology with built-in out-of-band attenuation enables the BCM to be used in most applications with no off-chip filtering. Silicon processes and cell libraries were chosen to reduce leakage current and supply voltages.

The following document contains information on Cypress products.

BCM4330SB2KUBG BCM4330 for Samsung I8160 WIFI Bluetooth IC

We’ve selected the bestselling items in this category just for you! A 3 V power. The polarity is active-high.


Support for coexistence with Bluetooth and other external radios? ESD Specifications, on page All regulators are powered down bcm433 when both resets are asserted. Mobile Phone Block System Diagram, on page In addition to the standard Bluetooth Test Mode, the BCM also supports enhanced testing features to simplify RF debugging and qualification and type-approval testing.

The signal characteristics for the crystal interface are listed in Table 2 on page Start display at page:.

The feature effectively off loads the MP3 recording processing load from the host and assists in FM time shift applications. Figure 2 shows the interconnect of all the major physical blocks in the BCM and their associated external interfaces, which are described in greater detail in the following sections. When this pin is low, the WLAN section is in reset. Bluegiga Technologies assumes no responsibility for.

Example Soft Mute Characteristic Compares the request with the current resource status and determines which resources must be enabled or disabled.

Google Nexus 7 (Gen 1, 4G, 32 GB) – WikiDevi

Figure 33 shows the blocks in the HSIC device core. However, frequencies other than the default require support to be added in the driver plus additional, extensive system testing.

This proruct done to allow the low data rate Bluetooth data to coexist in the same interface as the higher speed I2S data.


Improved channel classification techniques have been implemented in Bluetooth for faster and more accurate detection and elimination of interferers including nonWLAN 2. Optimizes power consumption for low duty cycle asymmetrical data flow, which subsequently extends battery lifetime.

I 2 S Transmitter Timing In shortframe synchronization mode, the frame synchronization signal is an active-high pulse at the audio frame rate that is a single-bit period in width and is synchronized to the rising edge of the bit clock.

It enables and disables various system resources based on a computation of the required resources and a table that describes the relationship between resources and the time needed to enable and disable them.

BCM2045 BCM20730 BNM20741 BCM4330

After any bit is programmed to a 1, it cannot be reprogrammed to 0. The TSF timer hardware, under the control of the PSM, is capable of adopting timestamps received from beacon and probe response frames in order to maintain synchronization with the network.

Power-Up Sequence and Timing, on page