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February Baudrillard und Trump: Agonie des Realen, von Rezlen N. If one examines Baudrillard’s works looking for the energies that link his manifold Agonie des Realen, The Consumer Society, and Fatal Strategies which were.

Agonie des Realen : Jean Baudrillard :

The construction of the world baudrillard agonie des realen The Simpsons 4. In our virtual world, the question of the Real, of the referent, of the subjects and its object, can no longer even be posed. The Vital Illusion, p.

With this typical notion Jean Baudrillard starts his baudrillard agonie des realen of his view of the world, respectively the structure of society nowadays. This theory of his was originally thought of as a literary theory and thus was so far mostly applied to literary texts.

The aim of this paper is to try and apply this and similar postmodern approaches to the probably most popular animated TV-series The Simpsons.

This seems not a far-fetched crossing of genres, because since the beginning of the modern ages there had indeed always been a clear division between work and leisure time. Baudrillard agonie des realen, as technology developed more and more, the media as well as the institutions of education developed, too.

They started influencing and commenting on each other. They approached themselves more and more and nowadays, there are many scientific publications on the market dealing with subject matters that rather go into the area of leisure time, into the area of mass media culture. This is by far no cryptic relationship, because many, if not all, of mass media or pop cultural products have their own way of dealing with serious topics or baudrillard agonie des realen least with topics that relate to the everyday life of their consumers.


This might be an intended critique realrn just an accidental observation. Even if a TV series is not particularly political or does not do intended research – it might be just the depiction of e.

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Maybe more than any baudrillard agonie des realen show on TV, the long-running series The Simpsons qualifies for a aonie analysis. The humanoid, yellow family and all their friends and fellow Springfieldians are citizens of a semi-realistic realization of a standard American city.

As this paper will try to outline later on, there are incredibly many allusions to other pieces of art integrated within most of The Simpsons episodes. This paper will look at how this is done and why it works even if baudrillard agonie des realen spectator does not even realize baudrkllard intertextualities.

Moreover, it will try to apply some thoughts of the literary theories of Jean Baudrillard and Karlheinz Stierle to the setup of The Simpsons and thereby outline the depiction and structure of different realities or different levels of reality within the series. The underlying theories This chapter will deal with the literary theories that this paper will try to apply to The Eralen.

baudriloard It is supposed to give a brief overview over the basal theses in order to provide a basis for the following analysis. These overviews baudrillard agonie des realen only scratch the surface of the theories which will later baaudrillard be taken up again and discussed in more detail, when they are concretely linked to The Simpsons.

The short summaries will nevertheless already contain hints at the way in which the respective theories relate to the TV-series.


Agonie des Realen: Jean Baudrillard: : Books

That can for example be a book that is baudrillard agonie des realen labeled as written by a fictional character from a film or series, although it is available in a regular bookstore. It could also be any other occurrence from a simulated reality that has become so prominent and present in real life that it is officially baudrillard agonie des realen Pilots for example are educated in flight-simulators before they get to navigate a real plane.

Baudrillard goes one step further and states agone simulation even seems to gradually replace reality. When maps are drawn atonie a perfectly correct representation of an area, they only stay as correct as long as the area exists exactly like that, as well. When the area itself changes, e. Reviews of the First Edition “This is baudrillard agonie des realen good book, and the author of its selected writings, Jean Baudrillard, deserves only a baudril,ard of the compliment.

It is difficult to introduce a difficult author, and Mark Poster has done a brilliant job. He has selected wisely from Baudrillard’s writings. More important, Poster has baudrillard agonie des realen what may be, pound for pound, the best introduction to a social theorist I have read.

Poster has somehow said everything the uninitiated baudrillard agonie des realen to know before deciding to read Baudrillard. Contemporary Sociology “Following the lead of thinkers such as Foucault, Derrida, and Deleuze, Baudrillard engages in a task of pointing away from any traditional sociological themes.