Note: This review is based on the Citadel Press Edition, translation and introduction by Stacy Diamond. All photographs are in the public. From Les Paradis Artificiels (Artificial Paradises), Baudelaire’s book on hashish, a drug he referred to as “the playground of the seraphim”. At the time of its release in , Charles Baudelaire’s Artificial Paradises (Les Paradis Artificiels) met with immediate praise. One of the most important French.

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This review is based on the Citadel Press Edition, translation and introduction by Stacy Diamond.

Les Paradis artificiels – Wikipedia

His lasting axiom is the insistence that opium quite unlike wine and hashish intensifies existing intellectual prowess. His descriptions have foreshadowed other such work that emerged later in the s regarding LSD. I would skip the remaining two thirds. You are surprised at yourself for having up paraduses now found them so simple.

These hallucinations, sometimes exquisite, sometimes disturbing, and the delusions of grandeur that often accompanied them, constitute the Paradis Artificiels, the gorgeous yet false worlds of ecstasy that eventually led to his ruin.

Deep but hoarse sighs escape from your breast, as if the old bottle, your body, could not bear the passionate activity of the new wine, your new soul.

Artificial Paradises : Baudelaire’s Masterpiece on Hashish

For the Brazilian film, see Artificial Paradises film. There, then, you are, for some hours yet, incapable of work, of action, and of energy.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Incongruous likenesses and correspondences, impossible to foresee, interminable puns, comic sketches, spout eternally from your brain. When Baudelaire gets on to the drug effects, whole sections of the earlier work, which could hardly be improved upon, are reproduced virtually verbatim, though perhaps they lack somewhat in their earlier immediacy.


You have dispersed your personality to the four winds of heaven—and now, what trouble to gather it up again and concentrate it!

Les Paradis artificiels by Charles Baudelaire

This new state is what the Easterns call Kaif. References to this book The Baudelairean cinema: In this beautifully wrought portrait of the effects of wine, opium, and hashish on the mind, Baudelaire captures the dreamlike visions he experienced during his narcotic trances.

Gia, Gaea, Earth Mother, Goddess, wall plaque figurine buff. The first third of this book about hashish is the real meat of the book, with funny, accurate, and occasionally cutting descriptions of marijuana intoxication and the resulting laziness that can come from using it too often. On a drug trip with Charles Baudelaire. With much of his inheritance squandered, Baudelaire turned to journalism, especially art and literary criticism, the first of which were “Les Salons”.

Da leggere per provare qualcosa di interessante e particolare.

At first it is a certain hilarity, absurdly irresistible, which possesses you. This is the sort of book you pick up and put down and come back to. Contrasting the effects of hashish and opium with those of wine, Baudelaire concludes that “wine exalts the will, hashish destroys it” and makes idlers of all those who use it.

As always, Baudelaire manages to be poetic without even meaning to, and he has a deep understanding of the English language.

Les Paradis artificiels

Paradiss inside the book. You feel just fine in this position, and only one thing gives you worry or concern: La Fanfarlo Les Pzradises artificiels He was educated first at a military boarding school and then the College Louis-le-Grand, where he was later expelled in Retrieved from ” https: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The book is basically rot. Anyone interested in Thomas de Quincey.


Even if it was quite interesting and the writing absolutely beautiful, it was hard for me to finish. This epic work can be read on many different levels. All photographs are in the public domain. Jacques-Joseph Moreau Gabriel G. Graduate students in English literature might want to read it because of the long analyis that it contains of Thomas de Quincey’s “Confessions of an English Opium Eater”.

Your eyes start from your head; it is as if they were drawn in every direction by implacable ecstasy. Account Options Sign in.

I was going to say “scientist”, but realistically here, “drug devotee” is perhaps more appropriate. Not my style of book. These accesses of gaiety, without due cause, of which you are almost ashamed, frequently occur and divide paraeises intervals of stupor, during which you seek in vain to pull yourself together.

Unknown Bindingpages. Lists with This Book. Baudelaire describes the bakdelaire of the drugs and discusses the way in which they could theoretically aid mankind in reaching an “ideal” world.

Le droghe sono messe a nudo, esaminate, mostrando al lettore tutti i pregi, ma anche i numerosi difetti, che ne conseguono da questa dipendenza. The demon has invaded you, and any struggle you mount will only serve to accelerate the progress of the affliction.