Awramba is a community found in South Gonder Zone of Amhara State, Ethiopia, 68 km from Bahir Dar. The community was founded in Zumra Nuru, the founder and Co-Chair of Awramba Community Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 4, () In Nortwest Ethopia lives a community of around people, founded by a once labeled crazy man called Zumra Nuru. Nuru never had any.

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Many social anthropologists go there to conduct study focusing on the peculiar Awramba community way of life. The village’s success has made it a subject of numerous studies. This is my greatest wish and advice to my fellow Ethiopians. The Awramba Community has its own rules and regulations. Related East Africa Ethiopia. Fourth, I saw people hurting, killing, and stealing from one another. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Populated places in the Amhara Region Intentional communities.

In addition to this, the community discourages early marriage. I am thankful for the acceptance we get from everyone for the past years. Enter text shown in the above image:. Five students graduated from universities and currently eleven are studying in different fields. What drove him to create this community was the discrimination and aweamba that he observed in his society.

Awra Amba – Wikipedia

Currently, the community has members in households, living over 17 heactars of land. I am Zumra Nuru, the founder and co-chairperson of the Awramba Community.

Views Read Edit View history. The union members work according to their abilities, sharing different tasks like weaving, farming, attending the elderly, guarding, awramna.


Zumra is considered as a man with unique vision and exeptional personality. They may not even have anything to eat and a place to live. They are nurturing them to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas and concepts.

Founded by Zumra Nuru, who currently serves as co-chairman of the community, with 19 other people who shared his vision, as of Awra Amba has some members, and is lauded as a model to fommunity poverty and promote gender equality in a country where women are generally subservient to men. I have been through a very rough time, so you can say it is more of a burden.

Ethiopia: A Community With Extraordinary Principles

Too often, children are engaged on duties that do not take into account their capacities for doing things. They both spent the whole day in the farm but when they came back home it was time for my father to rest but never for my mother. When I asked my parents such questions, my parents thought I was mentally ill person. Everyone in our community is eager to work on any field. Zumra Nuru, the founder of the Awramba community came up with a new philosophy, which serve as the basis for the most basic cultural values, beliefs and principles of the community.

Finally, what advice do you wish to give to your fellow citizens? By using this site, you agree to awranba Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Commnuity just wish to have more land and some modern machines. Trust, harmony, mutual respect, peaceful co-existence, development, social justice are the conducts expected to be communitty by every member of the community in their day to day activity.


I am thankful at least that we are recognized as a harmless community now. Awrqmba he was 2 years old, he questioned his mother about religion. Retrieved from ” https: They keep their houses and their surrounding clean.

Sign in Get started. The Awramba Community does not follow any religion, and they believe in honesty and love for all human beings — this is their religion. When he brought various questions that bothered him inside the house, his parents and relatives considered him mentally ill person.

Another supporter is Mohammed Mussa, a rural development consultant who prepared a case study on the village for the World Bank.

Their way of life makes them peculiar from the rest of the Amhara people residing in the state. Women have equal rights as men and there is no distinction in divisions of labor between men and women.

That is exactly what makes me sick. But no other factors would affect it.

The article can be reprinted in full or in part elsewhere but only by giving full credit to Ezega. I was born in Tsimada Wogeda. When he set out to establish this community in which everyone is equal and where there is no room for unwanted human behaviors, his seemingly utopian community was not taken seriously.

Regarding facilities in your community, what do you lack the most and hence need help from outside?