The Etheric Double was first published in as one of a series by the same author However, their gratitude is due to Powell for his orderly presentation of. Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. As said himself in his introduction, . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their Arthur

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Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. In addition, by changing matter from a grosser to a subtler kind xouble vast store of potential energy which lies dormant may be liberated and utilised, somewhat as latent heat-energy may be liberated by a change of condition of visible matter.

There are many advantages in this method of study.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I will have to read it again to get the full understanding. An affection over a large portion of the body may make the Inner Aura narrower on one side of the body than ;owell the other; this is accompanied by an alteration of texture in the Inner Aura and often also the colour.

Each of the six spokes then seizes on ettheric variety of atom and despatches it to the chakram or part of the body for which it is needed. Bright patches, rays or streams have been observed, emanating from various parts of the body.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. If the observer holds his hand near the patient, the auras of both almost invariably become brighter locally, and in a short time a complete Ray will be formed between the hand and the nearest part of the patient. The Chakrams are situated on the surface of the Etberic, that is about a quarter of an inch outside the skin of the body.

Dtheric, and describes his work as a compilation from many sources for the convenience of the student.

It should be noted that the Etherid Double is peculiarly susceptible to the volatile constituents of alcohols. This would usually be due to partial astral development, the sensitive areas of the etheric double nearly always corresponding to the astral chakrams.

Thought and emotion of a high spiritual type seem to depend largely upon the violet ray. A full and controlled possession of etheric sight enables a man to see through physical matter: Clairvoyant faculty may also sometimes be exhibited under the influence of mesmerism; also by an increased tenseness of the nerves, caused by excitement, hysteria, ill-health, drugs, or certain ceremonial rites which induce self-hypnotism.


Stead in referring to four-dimensional sight, is a perfect description, not of astral, but of etheric vision. One such improvement, which demands some knowledge of anatomy and physiology, is to make a mental picture of the diseased organ, and then image it as it should be in health. In these few seconds the Ego lives over again his whole life, seeing his successes and failures, loves and hatreds: Further, these three forces have no connection with the Three Great Outpourings; the Outpourings are definite efforts made by the Solar Deity.

Persons who have lost a limb by amputation sometimes complain that they can feel pain at the extremities of the amputated limb, i. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. The female aura is usually much wider at the sides of the body, the maximum width being at the waist, and it is also wider doubld the back than at the front, the teheric part being at the small of the back, where frequently it bulges out.

It is etheeric, therefore, that any injury to the shield is a serious disaster. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The former, the ray-type, is determined by the physical permanent atom, which has the type and subtype impressed upon it. Such a man is thus a source of health and strength to those around him, constantly though unconsciously shedding vitality on any who may be in his vicinity. Curative mesmerism is free from this danger.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Such considerations have no effect whatever on astral vision. In India the same symbol is found, but instead of the staff a stick of bamboo with seven knots is used, the knots of course representing the seven chakrams ethdric force centres.

Teheric the mineral, astral matter is so little active that there is no perceptible working from the astral to the physical. Even the bodies of men, in the First Round, were constructed of etheric matter only, and resembled vague, drifting and almost shapeless clouds.

Jan 30, Glenn Artur rated it really liked it. When the etheric centres are fully developed, there is full and continuous memory of astral experiences in the brain.

The form and colour of this elemental vary in different cases. Trivia About Duble Double: Unseen forces such as the ectoplasmanimal magnetismmesmerism etc. There is a school of black magic which purposely uses this power in this way, but the lower force-centres which in this school are used are always left severely alone by followers of the Good Law or White Magic.


The Etheric Double by

In a developed person, however, who has achieved the deflection upwards of the red-orange ray, the particles from this ray are discharged through the top of the head. The Inner Aura does not alter in shape or size to any great extent, but it changes artur in texture.

Some of the lower types of etheric nature-spirits are not pleasing to the aesthetic sense. Return to Book Page. Means must then be employed to reduce a physical object to etheric condition, and then to move it from one place to another, even through solid matter, such as a brick wall, by an astral current, with great rapidity.

But confusing, the references are numerous, you need to go to the library to get the artur up research to get the full meanings. Children also, especially males, have an Inner Aura almost as wide as the Outer, so that it may be difficult to differentiate the two.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man by Arthur E. Powell

From this centre, vibrations pass to the etheric body, causing there etheric vortices which draw into themselves dense physical particles: It will, wrthur course, be recognised that the shells and shields we have been speaking about are purely etheric, and therefore have no effect in keeping off astral or mental influences, for which purpose shells of the material of those planes would have to be employed; with these, however, we are not here concerned.

The general effect is shimmering and iridescent, like mother-of-pearl, or a certain variety of Venetian glass. This is a point of great importance, which the student should clearly grasp. In conditions of weak health or nervous excitement the Etheric Double may also in great part be extruded from its dense counterpart: Ingmar De Boer rated it really liked it May 20, It is not, however, advisable to allow oneself to be thrown into mesmeric sleep in order to obtain clairvoyant experiences, because domination of the will ;owell that of another person tends to make the will of the subject weaker and thus more liable to be acted upon by others.