ARTERIA ILIACA INTERNA (Hipogástrica.) La arteria ilíaca interna origina ramas parietales y viscerales. Ramas Parietales: En su origen da arterias sacras . Ramas de la arteria hipogastrica. Helper Anatomy · August 11, ·. Ramas de la arteria iliaca interna (hipogástrica). 18 Likes1 Comment. English (US). Irrigación Esplacnología – ERA 3 ESTRUCTURA ARTERIAS RAMA DE: Útero Arteria Uterina Hipogástrica o Ilíaca Interna Arteria Útero-ovárica u ovárica Aorta .

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It then traveled forwards, infero-lateral to the common trunk of internal pudendal hipogxstrica inferior gluteal artery, it further coursed forwards and downwards lying over the ischio-coccygeal part of levator ani to reach the upper part of obturator foramen, running parallel and inferior to the obturator nerve.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Resultados El seguimiento medio fue de 26,7 y 49,3 meses en el grupo i y iirespectivamente. But it has attracted attention of pelvic surgeons and anatomists and radiologists because of the high frequency of the variation in its course and origin.

Obturator arteryis frequently a branch of anterior division of internal iliac artery or one of the parietal branches of internal iliac artery.

The course and branches of jipogastrica variant OBA was observed till its exit from the obturator foramen and photographs were taken and labeled. Hinchliffe 18 Estimated H-index: Intermittent claudication in a professional female athlete G.

As the inferior epigastric artery passes obliquely upward from its origin it lies along the lower and medial margins of the abdominal inguinal ring, and behind the commencement of the spermatic cord. It finally divides into numerous branches, which anastomose, above the umbilicuswith the superior epigastric branch of the internal thoracic artery and with the lower intercostal arteries.

Alfio Carroccio 22 Estimated H-index: The collateral arterial circulation in the pelvis: Urban and Schwazenberg, Baltimore and Munich, Umbilical artery Medial umbilical ligament to ductus deferens. Views Read Edit View history.

Arteria rectal inferior

Inferior epigastric artery Right inferior epigastric artery – view from inside of abdomen. Morphological suitability of patients with aortoiliac aneurysms for endovascular preservation of the internal iliac artery using commercially available iliac branch graft devices. Anatomic and device-related causes. Regarding the variability in the origin of OBA, it is documented that in Resumen Objetivo Comparar los resultados del sellado distal del EVAR en iliaca externa IE mediante ramificacion iliaca frente a la exclusion de la arteria hipogastrica.

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Williams and Wilkins, Alan Karthikesalingam 33 Estimated H-index: Schema of the arteries arising from the external iliac and femoral arteries. Thus influencing the development of pelvic vessels differently. The origin of the OBA artery. It was given off at a distance of 8mm, from the point of bifurcation into anterior and posterior division of the left internal iliac artery.


Riedemann Wistuba 2 Estimated H-index: Moreover, the increased length of the left OBA, owing to the origin from the posterior division of internal iliac, may have an additional advantage while grafting. The variation is correlated developmentally and its clinical implications are also discussed.

Posterior tibial circumflex fibular medial plantar lateral plantar fibular peroneal. Pancreatic branches greater dorsal Short gastrics Left gastroepiploic. The variant artery was arising from the posterior division of internal iliac artery, a rare observation in Indian population. This rare abnormality in Indian population may be due different set of environmental or genetic factors.

Endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair in patients with common iliac artery aneurysms — Initial experience with the Zenith bifurcated iliac side branch device.

Arteria rectal inferior – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Inferior epigastric Corona mortis Deep circumflex iliac Femoral see arteries of lower limbs. Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the 20th edition of Gray’s Anatomy Arteries of the abdomen. Although similar same site of origin to the Pick et al’s findings, our observation hipgastrica incidence of origin of left OBA is only 0.

Peter Ziegler 5 Estimated H-index: The total length of the left OB A was observed to afteria 7 lmm. Throughout its course except near its hipogastricx it was related to the obturator fascia and obturator internus muscle laterally. Lumbar branch Iliac branch. Proper hepatic cystic Right gastric Gastroduodenal right gastroepiploic superior pancreaticoduodenal supraduodenal. Mantas 5 Estimated H-index: The parietal branches of OBA are important collaterals in aortoiliac and femoral arterial occlusive diseases.


The right side artery showed no variation of any sort, in its origin and course. The most appropriate channel enlarges whilst others retract and disappear thereby establishing the final arterial pattern Fitzerald, The abdominal inguinal ring. It curves forward in the subperitoneal tissue, and then ascends obliquely along the medial margin of the abdominal inguinal ring; continuing its course upward, hipogasgrica pierces the transversalis fasciaand, passing in front of the linea semicircularisascends between the Rectus abdominis and the posterior lamella of its sheath.

The vas deferensas it leaves the spermatic cord in the male, and the round ligament of the uterus in the female, winds around the lateral and posterior aspects of the artery. Carpenter 47 Ranas H-index: Biology Surgery Molecular biology.

The OBA arises comparatively late in development as a supply to a plexus which in turn is joined by the axial artery of lower limb that and accompanies the sciatic nerve Sanduno et al, Further the exact site of origin has been documented in this study, which is at a distance of 8mm distal to the point of bifurcation of the internal iliac artery.

Arcuate Vaginal branches Ovarian branches Tubal branches Spiral. Therefore this may be considered for a possible bypass grafting in cases of ischemic necrosis of head of femur following decreased blood flow through OBA, connecting the posterior division to the distal end of the obstruction.

Casilla D Temuco – Chile Tel.: In human anatomyinferior epigastric artery refers to hipogasfrica artery that arises from the external iliac artery and anastomoses with the superior epigastric artery.