Algebraic topology. Front Cover. C. R. F. Maunder. Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., – Mathematics Bibliographic information. QR code for Algebraic topology . Based on lectures to advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate students, this is a thorough, sophisticated, and modern treatment of elementary algebraic. Title, Algebraic Topology New university mathematics series ยท The @new mathematics series. Author, C. R. F. Maunder. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Van Nostrand.

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Algebraic topology – C. R. F. Maunder – Google Books

Cohomology arises from the algebraic dualization of the topo,ogy of homology. An older name for the subject was combinatorial topologyimplying an emphasis on how a space X was constructed from simpler ones [2] the modern standard tool for such construction is the CW complex. Maunder topopogy provided many examples and exercises as an aid, and the notes and references at the end of each chapter trace the historical development of the subject and also point the way to more advanced results.

In less abstract language, cochains in the fundamental sense should assign ‘quantities’ to the chains of homology theory.

Homology and cohomology groups, on the other hand, are abelian and in many important cases finitely generated.

Algebraic Topology – C. R. F. Maunder – Google Books

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Algebraic topology, for example, allows for algebraicc convenient proof that any subgroup of a free group is again a free group. My library Help Advanced Book Search. A manifold is a topological space that near each point resembles Euclidean space. For the topology of pointwise convergence, see Algebraic topology object.

A simplicial complex is a topological space of a certain kind, constructed by “gluing together” pointsline segmentstrianglesand their n -dimensional counterparts see illustration. This class of spaces is broader and has some better categorical properties than simplicial complexesbut still retains a combinatorial nature that allows for computation often with a much smaller complex.


Homotopy and Simplicial Complexes. A CW complex is a type of maundet space introduced by J. Introduction to Knot Theory. No eBook available Amazon.

Retrieved from ” https: Account Options Sign in. The idea of algebraic topology is to translate problems in topology into problems maundeer algebra with the hope that they have a better chance of solution.

Maunder Snippet view – Algebraic topology is a branch of mathematics that uses tools from abstract algebra to study topological spaces.

Algebraic topology

In the algebraic approach, one finds a correspondence between spaces and groups that respects the relation of homeomorphism or more general homotopy of spaces. Cohomology can be viewed as a method of assigning algebraic invariants to a topological space that has a more refined algebraic structure than does homology.

Foundations of Combinatorial Topology. algebrraic

Maunder has provided many examples and exercises as an aid, and the notes and references at the end of each chapter trace the historical development of the subject and also point the way to more advanced results. Knot theory is the study of mathematical knots. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Although algebraic topology primarily uses algebra to study topological problems, using topology algebfaic solve algebraic problems is sometimes also possible. This was extended in the s, when Samuel Eilenberg and Norman Steenrod generalized this approach. The author has given much attention to detail, yet ensures that the reader knows where he is going.

Two major ways in which this can be done are through fundamental groupsor more generally homotopy theoryand through homology and cohomology groups.

Product Description Product Details Based on lectures to advanced undergraduate and topollgy graduate students, this is a thorough, sophisticated and modern treatment of elementary algebraic topology, essentially from a homotopy theoretic viewpoint.

Cohomology Operations and Applications in Homotopy Theory.

The purely combinatorial counterpart to a simplicial complex is an abstract simplicial complex. In the s and s, there was growing emphasis on investigating topological spaces by finding correspondences from them to algebraic groupswhich led to the change of name to algebraic topology. This allows one to recast statements about topological spaces into statements about groups, which have a great deal of manageable structure, often making these statement easier to prove.


Algebraic Topology

Whitehead Gordon Thomas Whyburn. Cohomology and Duality Theorems. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. The author has given much attention to detail, yet ensures that the reader knows where he is going. While inspired by knots that appear in daily life in shoelaces and rope, a mathematician’s knot differs in that the ends are joined together so that it cannot be undone. Selected pages Title Page.

The fundamental groups give us basic information about the structure of a topological space, but they are often nonabelian and can be difficult to work with. Examples include the planethe sphereand the toruswhich can all be realized in three dimensions, but also the Klein bottle and real projective plane which cannot be realized in three dimensions, but can be realized in four dimensions.

In general, all constructions of algebraic topology are functorial ; the notions of categoryfunctor and natural transformation originated here. Geomodeling Jean-Laurent Mallet Limited preview – Algebraic K-theory Exact sequence Glossary of algebraic topology Grothendieck topology Higher category theory Higher-dimensional algebra Homological algebra K-theory Lie algebroid Lie groupoid Important publications in algebraic topology Serre spectral sequence Sheaf Topological quantum field theory.

The translation process is usually carried out by means of the homology or homotopy groups of a topological space. Intuitively, homotopy groups record information about the basic shape, or holes, of a topological space. The first and simplest homotopy group is the fundamental groupwhich records information about loops in a space.