Products 1 – 10 of 15 Buy Now · Navtech Europe Supplement. AERAD Buy Now · Navtech Flight Guide Poland to Urals, & to SE Europe to Greece &. AERAD. If you are a UK-based aviator you will know about Aerad, and you will also know about Jeppesen. If you are based anywhere else in the world you will know. In addition to Aerad’s range of Flight Guide Supplements a larger range of accessories have been brought out to complement the main guides. £ (Non- VAT.

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It is retained for those airlines which prefer this format.

Perhaps the QA is the issue we should be concerned with? Since the charts are tailored to specific airlines, why not tailor the names at the top of the charts as well? RIP Aerad, once great charts now unusable! Even with that preparation, when I first had to use the new plates, they were an absolute horror. I see this has devolved into another Jepps vs Aerad thread, which is unhelpful.

Many thanks for your constructive comments although as usual some have tried to turn it into Aerad v Jeppesen debate. I’m sure that if a journalist got hold of the fact that our safety standards are being compromised because of these plates something would be done about them.

It is so faint it is basically a watermark on the page. They don’t give you the track to fly anymore on a SID, they give you the radial you’re on, in other words the reciprocal number from what you NEED. In fact i could say alot worse! When did all this change. I am sure we can all figure out who their employees are on this thread, I suggest they prepare their cvs immediately.

Plus at several airports I’ve been to the LLZ 4d check is up to 60ft higher than the glide but its just not clear which is which at a glance. The EDI 24 departure is not even giving you a track, or a radial.

I pity anyone not familiar with the place trying to navigate by this chart and can’t understand why it hasn’t being withdrawn yet. I am sure that if the companies involved cancel their contracts with Aerad and change to other charts suppliers we would see some rapid changes! The ILS freq are also easier to find.


AERAD Charts – What is happening [Archive] – PPRuNe Forums

Try telling an Italian airline that informtion capital city is Rome. In particular the ident for the ils is hard to find far less read.

Why can’t we retain the lines on the altitudes if we prefer that presentation? OFP, I’m still getting old, happy to embrace change for the better, have learned a few things in recent years from the “youngsters” in the way that their skills have been taught in the 21st century and have adopted a few of them myself as they were better than the way my experience has had me operate.

Call it safety and employment continuity come to that. A committee with a cast of thousands. Can’t even recognise my home base anymore. I for one have phoned these guys at Walton on Thames and got the story first hand.

The layout and details are often just crap, poorly thought out and a safety hazard. It looks like a Jeppesen chart, gord help us. The new format is also compatible with the navigation database and will make it possible to meet the quality and traceability standards expected from Eurocontrol. The text size is greater than either previous format and they actually state the altitude limitation.

Aerad Flight Information Supplement – IFR Supplements & Accessories – Pilot Warehouse

Looking at the chart quickly, I cannot see it reliably enough. Give me another 30 years and the text maybe a little small Mistakes on the plates are not limited to niformation new format, a new revision for an airfield I fly into flitht the old format contains a number of errors.

If one of my engines quits I’d rather fly the profile published by my airline than something dreamt up by the idiots who designed these charts. Having used these charts all summer I have to say that they are without doubt the worst IFR charts that I have ever seen We flignt we have taken a step into the future usually accompany a premium rate phone number for customer support.: Some of the dlight notes for the missed approach instructions on how to avoid high ground if you cannot maintain the climb gradient appear to have been removed.


But my biggest query has to be why the MSA at my local airport is now lower Wrong approach levels for Orly, wrong coordinates for parking positions to name a few which I reported to them Used both and think Aerad informxtion are for flying schools and girls: The charts are full of errors, unclear and generally a joke.

The latest UK inspired claptrap will be London Oxford plates. For instance Biggin Hill is in the “new” format, Farnborough is in the “previous” format and the airfields in northern France are in the “format before that”.

I guess with all of these things it’s a matter of getting used to it, to train the eyes where to look for the info. If this is correct then surely the above quote from an earlier post should be of some aefad The page numbering system is taking a bit of getting used to as well. Not user friendly at all and as has been said difficult to read and gather information from. O I’m now enjoying updating my knowledge of the plates, just like all those years before.

Under the old format the page numbers were big and bold and in the top right hand corner of supplemsnt page. Why are the SIDs in reverse alphabetical sort of order!

Navtech Flight Information Supplement

Perhaps it’s time for everyone who hates the new format to lobby their flt ops department and get them to vote with their feet. There seem to be areas of improvement: Over the years i have had my fair share of Jeppesen and they owt no better.

Not sure if it is as a result of this. For this reason my airline has chosen to stay with Jar-Ops until Aerad have finished introducing the Aerochart standard and has issued guidance that the EU-Ops minima cannot be used.

That means QFE is set if that is the minima you use.