Adam Fergusson. · Rating details · ratings · 84 reviews. When Money Dies is the classic history of what happens when a nation’s currency depreciates . Buy When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Hyper-inflation by Adam Fergusson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. When Money Dies 06/01/Adam Fergusson mass quantities of money coinciding with a shortage of money, mania and hysteria coinciding with mass.

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Hitler was still in the wings; but the combination of revolutionary threat, industrial unrest, unemployment, starvation, deprivation and occasional assassination made monetary discipline almost impossible, even had the fragile new aeam government had the courage to impose it.

Adam Fergusson: When quantitative easing runs mad

Other books ive read understandably focus on him and the party since he succeded in making it to the top and bringimg about the stain on humanity that was the organised mechanical murder of 10 million people. I am left without a lasting message or image. Fergusson is embarrassed and amused by the Buffett story which, it should be said, has never been repeated by him or his publisher to market the book.

When hyperinflation ended, it did so quite abruptly with the introduction of a new currency, the Rentenmark. Cookies on FT Sites We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used. rergusson

It was first published in when I first read it; the United States contemporary economic malaise led me back to it. Just arriving ataka “the year of the wheelbarrow. This book is an excellent historical looks and how many ties into everything social, military, psychological, you name it. It is fatal in the end, but it gets its votaries over many difficult moments.


It was first published injust four years after the Nixon administration had severed the last tie between gold and the U. I’m sure, if I were an economist, it would have been riveting. Markets Show more Markets links. The effect is greater than the cause.

When Money Dies: The Nightmare Of The Weimar Hyper Inflation

Interesting survey of the post-WWI hyperinflation in Germany and to a lesser extent, the inflation in Austria and Hungary. I had vaguely assumed the inflation was a conscious tactic to evade pa It’s a quick and engrossing read on a very sad topic.

The waiter takes our order. For most, degree of necessity became monfy sole criterion of value, the basis of everything from barter to behavior.

Please combine editions 8 21 Mar 16, The payments to the allies under the Versailles Treaty hung heavily on the struggling economy. Also, I’d like to see a bit more on the reasons of the economic decisions. The economist JK Galbraith fergussson it was pretty much what people think it was — remarking that metal discs and written IOUs can be more conveniently handled than cattle as a means of exchange.

When Money Dies: The Nightmare Of The Weimar Hyper Inflation by Adam Fergusson

I also wanted a bit more exposition on how the German people were duped by their Social Democrats. The First World War had left Germany on its financial knees, though its industrial base remained strong.

Fergusson gives a clear and convincing explanation of why hyperinflation was allowed to go on as long as it did: His customers didn’t know Without it, the web of transactions upon which we all depend breaks down also.


The money kept being printed as long as the printers could print and the print workers could work. There’s plenty of useful data and interesting anecdotes in the book – if you can manage to keep reading until you reach them. One wishes Fergusson would have settled upon a more imaginative design than moneu open each chapter with dire words about how just when Germans thought things couldn’t get any worse, the wgen really began to fall.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Also there’s an interesting cameo by Hemingway, making a day trip with his first wife from France to Germany and how amazingly cheap their day of merry-making was. Inflation was used as a tool to keep unemployment low, despite it becoming clear that the economy would need to deal with its underlying post-war weaknesses sooner or later.

Fergusson is a member of that rarest of species — the pro-European Scottish Conservative. This is a edition of Fergusson’s story of the German hyperinflation of the Weimar period from which, in no small part, Hitler’s Reich arose.

An examination of the social effects of hyperinflation on the German people, it was written the better to understand the popular anxieties and behaviour that this phenomenon was then causing.