Tieflings and other plane-touched are descended from a wide variety of sources. Human/Rilmani: A rare mating, but the offspring will be aasimar, tiefling or. The standard Aasimar is a human-celestial hybrid, but there is a sidebar on the SRD that describes non-human Aasimar. In short: Non-human. Nov 27, Explore Steve McWhorter’s board “Aasimar Tiefling Genasi” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Character ideas, Character art and Character.

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Results 1 to 10 of Commencing in a, uh A vertical grappling contest? Is the result either a tiefling or an aasimar?

Maybe a pure human both cancel each other out? Maybe a human that has both infernal and celestial, um Genes does it work that way?

Maybe not him happens at all, and that’s it? Did you have to deal with it in your games somehow?

Maybe heard a crazy ass story from a friend? Maybe you have a batshit tidfling theory yourself? Hit me up, I’m dying to hear what you gave to say.

Join Date Aug Posts Depends on the setting. In my version of Spelljammer or the Nentir Vale setting, it would come out as straight tiefling, since I ise them as a true breeding race, no matter what the other person is. Jergyor gave XP for this post.



Join Tieflingg Mar Posts Three possibilities that I would use in my own worlds: It becomes either a tiefling or an aasimar. They fiendish and celestial blood cancel out, creating a human, elf, whatever the non planar part of their blood was. You create an Eldritch abomination that would have traits of both. An Assling of course!

They create whatever you want them to. CorocBookBarbarian77IM laughed with this post.

It used to be, when you got too crazy with the cross-breeding, you would end up with Mongrelfolk. Coroc laughed with this post. As a PC, I’d just say they turn out human.

If a tiefling and an aasimar fell in love, what would their children be? : DnD

Maybe some cosmetic features point to their strange origins, but no mechanical changes. The player gets their exotic backstory, and I don’t have to do any real work. As an NPC, I’d go one of two routes. Horrific, malformed abomination as the demonic and angelic traits wage their own little war in the offspring’s body, or human in appearance with thematically appropriate powers, possibly exceeding even tieflling of their progenitors.

Aasimar + tieflings = ? [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

I know some video games have already explored this latter idea – Diablo and Devil May Cry come to mind – but those were pure angel and demon offspring. Still, they could be a reference if you want to develop the concept further. I would probably rule that they cannot breed. The celestial and fiendish dna simply isn’t compatible. Join Date May Posts 2, I figure there is too much planetouched tieflung in there to just disappear, but I wouldn’t let the celestial and fiend be compatible with each other.


I’d probably do the same thing with genasi.

Fallen Aasimar or the variant infernal tiefling with feathered azsimar instead of batlike wings might be good fits. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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