Vendel Vesten (7th Sea, Nations of Theah: Book Eight) [Les Simpson, Kevin P. Boerwinkle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nations of. Cris DorDILUT. Derick W. Gross. A Bley Ingram. Runes. Cris DormILIS. 7th Sea Created by. John Wick & Jennifer Wick and Kevin Wilson. D.J. Trindle. Rob Vaux. Nations of Th̩ah: Vendel & Vesten (Book 8) РTwo hundred years ago, the islands of Vestenmannavnjar were home to fierce warrior tribes.

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These weapons can be o any design but can only be crafted by Vestenmannavnjar Laerdom mages.

Thus, the Rune magic Laerdom was born. The moment was enough however and the warriors were able to slay the beast. They were, according to the ancient sae of the land, given form by Oddis – the all father. V Extra Booster 1: Sign In Don’t have an account?

They also receive aid from the Ussurawho understand vendeo struggle. Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar respect the authority of the Swordsman’s Guildthough only the Vendel follow the rules regarding who can and cannot duel or the rules of dueling for that matter. The warriors returned to their tribes, quickly becoming powerful shamans among their people. Their warriors, no longer able to fight amongst each other under the new order, chose to travel from where the Great Wyrm had come, hoping to find another such beast and slay it.

Until two centuries ago, the Vestenmannavnjar lives as they always had – living simple lives on their snow covered, northern islands. To change that they changed themselves, that change meant vendell who they were, and that is an affront to who they were and to veste who they still are.


Vendel Vesten (Nations of Theah Book Eight), softback supplement for 7th Sea

Retrieved 20 April So powerful were these new abilities, that even invoking the name of the mighty hero was enough to call a fraction of his or her power. Each of the warriors discovered far to late that their newly gained powers was not without its cost.

I’m tinkering with the idea of revising the Vesten to bring them closer to the 17th Century. Streets had their names changed to names the weak southern tongues could pronounce, and in doing so 77th souls of who those streets were named were consigned to be forgotten.

Strong because of the Carl and the Guilder. Originally 7th Sea materials were published using a d10 roll-and-keep dice system.

The game was fairly well received. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. A lengthy history of the country, including the legendary heroes of its past. The Vestenmannavnjar only accept organizations that aid their attempts to undermine the Vendel, including the Vesten Sea Raiders – a member of the Pirate Nation.

They lived their lives among the northern islands in 25 tribes of fierce warriors, constantly fighting for dominance. Today, bankers and merchants rule the country, and swords and longboats have been replaced by guilders and trading ships. They accept all other aea who aren’t venddl stealing. The south is sovereign Vesten country based on Sweden without a ruling monarch, as their last queen abdicated to convert to the Vaticine faith and ran off to Voddace or Castille.



AEG will still retain limited rights to publish undisclosed products. Then, in a moment of luck, the Great Wyrm faltered – for just a moment. Vnedel – a true Vestenmannavnjar style of fighting, this style uses two Longswords and relentless attacks to destroy opponenets.

All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January The fans and writers of the line continued to work on the game long after AEG stopped printing it. Based on Denmark, its royal family is playing out the plot of Hamlet, with Hans Christian Anderson stories woven into the plot hooks of the land Not-Ophelia is also the Little Cendel.

Meanwhile, the Vendel maintain a good business relationship with all the nations, save Vodacce – their main “business rival”, the Crescents who interact with no one but the Vodacceand the Cathay who are a world away they have venddl to vesteh a trade route to Cathay.

Oddis, who had not been seen since before the battle with the Wyrm, returned and proclaimed the leader of Villskap’s tribe the first High King of the Vestenmannavnjar people, and has since returned each year upon the death of the previous king to declare a new king from among the people.


The high king gave them the right to continue the practice. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1.

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